Make Merry This May at Adda52 with Maximum guarantees is well-known to run the best online poker tournaments and promotions in India that makes online poker experience worth it for the poker lovers. What’s great about Adda52 promotions is that they are entertaining yet competitive, and challenging yet rewarding. Let’s see what the largest online poker site has to offer in this sizzling month of May.

  • PMT 10 PM: Big Tourneys never end. This month the most awaited “Poker Millionaire Tour” is back with a bigger prize pool of Rs. 16 lacs every fortnight on weekends. So, gear up and stack up your fortune.
  • IOPT: Adda52 “INDIA ONLINE POKER TOUR” is here to stay! Join the action on May 22 & May 23, and win upto Rs.2.75 Lacs guaranteed.
  • PFOL: Pocket Fives Online League is a freeze-out tourney where smarter poker players out there will be rewarded. So brush up your poker skills and get a chance to win Rs. 25,000 on May 10 and May 24.
  • iPhone 6+ Finals: Want to own the world’s most desirable mobile phone – iPhone 6+? Yes, you can join the freeroll iPhone 6+ poker tournament with complimentary tickets “IPH6FREE” or 50K Practice Chips.

The tourneys stated above are just a sprinkling of this month, and there are many other promotions also running this month. These include Mid Day Dual, Midnight Bash Series, Mega 10 Prime, 100x Wed Blast and so on.

Here is the tabular description of the major poker tournaments scheduled for the month of May 2015:

Tourney Entry Criteria Date/Time Prize
iPhone 6+Final IPH6 Bonus Code
10K Loyalty
2k+ 3 time deposit
31st May @ 6PM iPhone 6+, 16GB or 62000 RCBs
2 Lakh Loyalty Finals Loyalty Sharks- 60,000 LPs 25th May @ 9 PM 70,000
Loyalty Fireworks- 100,000 LPs 26th May @ 9 PM 1,00,000
Refer a Friend Freeroll Finals Invite a friend, your friend should accumulate 200 LPs & you have to accumulate 100 LPs 15th May , 29th May @ 9 PM 25,000
IOPT IOPT 75k- Rs. 750 22nd May @ 10 PM 75000
  IOPT 2 Lac – Rs.1500 23rd May @ 10 PM 150000 Rebuy (2/1)
  IOPT Day 2 Satellites- Rs. 150 23rd May   @ 7 PM TKT For 2 Lac Finale
PMT 1 Lacs Finale- Rs. 750 15th May Rs. 100000
  5 Lacs Finale- Rs. 3500 16th May Rs. 500000
  2 Lacs Finale- Rs. 1500 17th May Rs. 200000
  1 Lacs Finale- Rs. 750 29th May Rs. 100000
  5 Lacs Finale- Rs. 3500 30th May Rs. 500000
  2 Lacs Finale- Rs. 1500 31st May Rs. 200000
PFOL Rs. 250 10TH May 10 PM RS. 25000
  Rs. 250 24TH May 10 PM RS. 25000

 You can also visit the Adda52 Promotions Tab for further details. 


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