Myths and Facts About Online Card Games

There are several interesting myths & facts related to online card games. Few of them are –

  • Myth – All card games are driven by sheer luck.
    Fact – Many card games are a delightful combination of luck and sharp skills. Luck can drive your game for a given hand or a particular round but what matters in the long run is how skillfully you can play your cards.

card games myths and facts

  • Myth – Players have to deposit large amounts to play.
    Fact – With just few pennies in your pocket, you can also enjoy online gaming as many gaming card sites provide facilities like sign-up bonuses & low stack tables for those who can’t afford higher deposits in their accounts.
  • Myth – Online card games are just waste of time.
    Fact – Every month, hundreds of winners are announced on various online gaming sites who have won huge cash prizes. Obviously, that doesn’t sound like a waste of time! Does it? Players can interact with other people, can make friends online or can play with their buddies in game rooms. It seems more a social activity rather than wastage of time.
  • Myth – Prizes offered in online games are trivial.
    Fact – Those who think that prizes are trivial, haven’t won the jackpots ever. Online card games offer an excellent opportunity to win huge cash prizes as well as luxurious material things or even rollover jackpots.
  • Myth – It’s unsafe to use your credit card online.
    Fact – Though it is true that you should avoid using your credit card for online payments but if you are associated with a trustworthy brand or payment gateway you don’t need to worry at all. Those gaming sites which are licensed and registered with the government authorities or are protected by government legislation (in case of any dispute) are reliable as they often use security software to protect personal & financial details of customers.
  • Myth – New games are introduced to give the players more choices.
    Fact – Introducing new games can be a way of advertising but the truth behind it is that introduction of new games is usually an attempt to lure veteran players with a hope of improved or increased revenues.
  • Myth – If you tip the dealers at a game of blackjack, they’ll give you better cards.
    Fact – A dealer can’t control what cards a player will get. Only luck can control your game that to up to some extent. A dealer can’t bring you huge pots but yeah a tip from you can bring a smile or a “thank you” from an appreciative dealer.

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