NEVER slow play Aces!

The slow playing the aces are thus somehow not a characteristic of a good poker player. In case one chooses to do this is evidently gives his opponent make a better choice. In case he or she chooses otherwise then all the chips might go in the centre and the player might double up. This also makes one lose value from the opponents who in these cases usually call for the pre flop re raises. In this situation one makes a correct raise amount and most of the opponents might call to see the flop.

Again in case of playing the slow aces the player doesn’t really know where he or she is. Other technical complications are that the player cannot define the opponent’s hand. This certainly often works to the disadvantage of the player. However every coin has two sides and depending on what the player is comfortable with he or she adopts the strategy. The other scenario of rising with the opponents is quite thrilling no doubt but also at the same time helps you get more information. If the opponents of the player are trying to fold then they had trash is quite evident. This observation can go a long way in helping the player to make a better a bet in the future bouts of betting.

In case the opponent of the player call then it is highly probable that they had a better hand of speculation and thus the player must base his decision of flop based on this observation. Similarly if the opponents have very strong hand then they would certainly want to re raise.

In the game of poker thus observation is very important and thus the player must also be good at disguising their moves by sandbagging. This is when the player chooses to play a stupid move to throw the opponent off guard. Similarly the players might also resort to the trip of trapping that is feigning weakness and make smaller bets even though they have  a strong hand to encourage the opponent to play his strong hand.


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