New Gaming Features At Adda52

Adda52 has been known for enhancing its feature list in order to make the game play more user-friendly. Recently, the site has introduced some fabulous features that have been appreciated by all its existing user base and even external online card game lovers.
Here is a brief overview of all newly introduced features –

  • Multirun or Run it twice Feature: The Multirun’ option is available in the ‘Preferences’ tab. If all the players in a hand (or game) have gone ‘all-in’ and have turned on ‘Multirun’ option too, then all the community cards will be opened twice. This feature is enabled only for Texas Hold’em. The specific criteria for multirun is:
    • No further betting is possible by any player.
    • All the players who are still involved in hand must have enabled ‘multirun’.
    • The money distribution will be as normal as in split pot case that occurs in normal Poker game.
  • Teasing: Won’t it be fun to tease your opponents when they fold on a hand that could have made them winner?? Teasing is a feature that brings you this fun. With this feature, winner can show either his one card or both cards to all the other players who have folded before showdown.
  • Mucking: All the active players (non-folded players) who have gone till the showdown have an option for not showing their cards to the winner and other players on the table as it could be helpful for the opponents in cracking their game play strategy. However, the winner as well as all the players who have gone all-in does not have this option.
  • Seat Position Preferences: With this feature, a player can select his/her preferred seat from the game area. He/she can select his/her preference for 4 player table, 6 player table, and 9 player table at the beginning of the game.
  • Changes in Rebuy Tournament – Now you can rebuy after reaching to certain threshold. Rebuy features gives you chance to buy more chips within an allotted time period. However, Add-on feature is removed instead of that we offer ‘Rebuy’ and ‘Final Addon’ features.
  • Updated Loyalty: The current loyalty for a particular session is shown in the game area. This feature is available for both Poker and Rummy games.
  • Room Name: For the convenience of users & better understanding of poker rooms, the name in the tab, which blinks at the bottom of the lobby i.e. the table id has been changed to room name. Moreover, In case of disconnection, the anti-banking scenario will be considered valid.

So what are you waiting for?? Go Play!! Try out these features & experience an enhanced form of online gaming!!


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