New Year Resolutions of a Poker Player

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December 30th, 2015 13:02

New Year is just around the corner, and it’s that time of the year when we make resolutions to improve ourselves. And one of the common resolutions made by the poker players is “Improving Poker Playing Skills”. But why not make some different poker related resolutions for the coming year. The resolutions we will talk about will indirectly help you in improving your poker game, and earn more money than before.

Study More
If you seriously want to enhance your poker skills, you should never stop studying the game. Even if you play good poker, you should still take out sometime to study and practice. You can only commit that much time to study in which you feel is both reasonable and comfortable. And, you should utilize this time to solve puzzles, analyze previously played games and take poker coaching classes or see videos.

Join a Poker Club
If you are a poker enthusiast, then there is no better place than poker clubs to share your passion for the game. Joining a local poker club helps you to meet like-minded people, know latest happenings of the poker world and share poker learning’s with them. If there is no local poker club in your area, you can join online poker forums to make new poker buddies, know poker related news and learn new poker stuff.

Become a Poker Teacher
It is not necessary to be a renowned poker pro to be a poker teacher. You can help spread the game among the masses by volunteering to teach poker at a college or a local institute in your area. Poker is a game of skill and with its global popularity, you will find many youngsters who have interest in poker and want to learn the game. Moreover, there are not enough people available to teach them the basics of the game. So, think of being an advocate of this skill game and playing poker can be a valid career path to pursue.

Play Disciplined Poker
As a professional poker player, you should play disciplined poker. You should play serious games and follow proper rules to avoid penalties imposed in a casino. In order to better train yourself in discipline, you should play tournaments once in a while to develop your tolerance and patience level. This helps you play better even when playing casually.

Work-Life Balance
This is the most challenging resolution for a poker player – juggling between the demands of your job and personal life. Full-time poker players never spare any time for other things, i.e, whenever they find some extra hours they will be found playing poker live or on mobiles and PCs. You should take stock of activities that are locking up your space for career and personal life. Recognize such activities and try to minimize them. You should atleast take out an hour to recharge your mind and body doing activities like going for a walk, listening to music and reading or anything else which allows you to take a break.

Which of these resolutions make it your list this time or do you have some other poker resolutions? Tell us in the comments below.

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