Things Not to Be Discussed Over Poker Table

Poker is usually considered a shady & smoky game but in reality, it is pretty much like any other social game. The game not only offers you the potential for financial gain, but also encourages intellectual and social stimulation. A good poker game is not only about the hands being played, but also the joy, atmosphere and conversation at the table throughout the game. However, you need to avoid a few topics that should not be discussed.

These are –

Not to Be Discussed

  • Avoid Discussing Politics – Never discuss politics while playing at the poker table. It might be fun to discuss an upcoming election or to give your views on a trending political issue, but you should avoid such topics if you don’t want to end up in some sort of heated argument with your tablemates.
  • Avoid Discussing Religion – Poker, as a game, help to unite people from different cultures around a common interest but, discussing religious differences or issues over the poker table can spoil the jovial atmosphere of the poker room. It is better to fight the battle of showdown rather than religious arguments.
  • Avoid Discussing the Hand Being Played – It is considered unethical to discuss the hand being played. Such discussion not only distracts the player still in hand, but also affects other players & their gameplay. So, until a hand is over, it’s best to keep your thoughts to yourself.
  • Never Discuss Previous Hands – “Don’t dwell in the past, focus on the present.” This holds true for poker also. There is nothing to be gained by discussing previous hands. Moreover, it will only lead to typical arguments like which cards were on the board, what order they came in etc. So it is better to focus on the current hand & enjoy the action on the table.
  • Don’t Discuss Bad Beat Jackpots – These days almost all poker rooms feature bad beat jackpots. As per the poker game rules – any conversation/discussion about a bad beat jackpot during a potentially qualifying hand, will disqualify that hand. So next time, make sure you and your tablemates are not discussing the same otherwise a jackpot hand would be disqualified because of an unwanted conversation.
  • Avoid Rude Behavior Towards Weak Players – Always remember that any unprofessional behavior or disrespect towards recreational players can turn them off from playing poker. If you’re a poker pro, you should not criticize other weak opponents. Instead, try to be genuine with your compliments & encourage them.
  • Avoid Criticizing the Dealer – Dealers have the toughest job in the game of poker. Dealing with various types of players & working hard to be fair with everyone at the same time is not an easy task. It’s really rude to openly discuss a dealer’s performance regardless of how poor it is. If you have a problem, contact the floor supervisor or poker room manager.

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