Omaha Lowball Poker Card Game

Omaha lowball is the perfect poker game for people who always seem to get the lowest possible cards.  In lowball poker if you can get an 8 or 7 and under poker hand then you stand a great chance at winning the pot.  You can find these games online and in many casinos throughout the world and the popularity is rising. The lowball poker can be played with many varieties of the game, Omaha lowball poker is the same as playing HI/LO in structure except high hands do not count for nothing.

The rules of Omaha lowball poker are the same as standard Omaha so we will just mention a few tips that will help you to play this variation with more confidence. The objective of Omaha lowball poker is to make the best low ranking poker hand that is possible. In this game the aces are the lowest cards in the deck and therefore a pair of those would be a winning hand. The next best hand is the A-5 low straight.

The game does require an ante and the pot can be opened without any stipulations. Although the players still have to use two of the hole cards and five of the community cards in their hands. Omaha lowball hand rankings are what you need to be aware of at all times. Straights and flushes do not matter in this game but the low cards in your hand must be in a certain order. There must be 5 cards that are not paired. These cards must have a value lower than eight, and example of a great hand for Omaha lowball is the ace,  two , three, seven and eight, although not in sequence this still qualifies as a low hand and can win you the game. You can find this game in some online casinos and good luck to you if you think you are ready to play Omaha lowball poker.


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