Omaha No Limit Poker Card Game

If you are looking to play Omaha No Limit poker online you might get disappointed because it is very rarely found & is generally offered in a “turbo” format. This means that the blinds increase as the game play progresses. There is a maximum of 9 players in Omaha No Limit poker.

The game of Omaha No Limit poker is played using the forced ante small blind/big blind format. The first two players seated to the left of the dealer are the first to pay the blinds. In cash games the blinds are determined by the table stakes; in tournament play it is entirely different, the blinds increase according to the way the tournament is going on.

Once the blinds are played the dealer gives four hole cards to each player. The deal goes clockwise starting with the first player to the dealers left. When online or at a casino there is generally a house dealer. The player whose turn it would be to deal is represented with a button. The players get an option after the first 4 cards to either call the big blind, raise it or fold.

The dealer will burn (discard) the next card and turn up the following three cards, this is known as the flop. Betting begins again after the first of the community cards are in place. Players will again have an opportunity to stay in or fold their hands. Another burn and the “turn” card will be added to the row of community cards. The betting takes place once more.

The final card, known as the “River” is the last of the community cards. It is at this time that most players know for certain if they stand a chance at winning. Most of them would have folded out by this point in the game. The Showdown is the next stage and the person with the highest hand, made from two of their hole cards and three of the community cards, wins the game.


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