Omaha Pot Limit Card Game

Of all the poker games, Omaha has the best action and is more lucrative.  Omaha pot limit poker games are easily the most expensive tables to join. You will generally see 6-9 players at any given table and they take their game very seriously. This is a game where most players request that the house limit is kept to 9 or less so that the cards are not depleted.

The game is played with antes and forced blinds. The table stakes generally determines these amounts. The dealer deals each player four hole cards. A round of betting takes place and the players get the option to call, raise or fold. When the betting is done, the dealer discards the top card; in poker this is called the burn. The next three cards in the deck are turned face up in the center of the table. These are the first 3 of 5 community cards.

Another round of betting takes place and when everyone has made their declaration the dealer burns another card. The 4th card to be turned up is called the “turn” and it is placed into ‘community row”. This card is the start of yet another round of betting. By this point in the game players should know where they stand. If they have weak poker hands they will fold out of the game. Anytime you fold, you forfeit what you have put into the pot.

The final card is known as the “river” card. It is obtained in the same manner as the other community cards. The top card is burned and the card underneath becomes the fifth and final community card. The final round of betting begins and this leads to the showdown. In pot limit the amount of the bets are limited to what is in the pot. You will not be allowed to bet over the amount of the pot at the time the betting round starts.

When contemplating a game of Omaha pot limit poker bear in mind these words form Lou Krieger, “Most of the money you’ll win at poker comes not from the brilliance of your own play, but from the ineptitude of your opponents.”


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