Online Poker Strategies for Game and Table Selection

If you are new to online poker and then you will need top notch online poker strategy. These generally include game selection and online poker table selection. Most of the websites share information about the tables like when and how many players go flop etc. Tables with the largest flop percent are the best for a game in case of tight players. This is simply because any winning player will play a very aggressive style of game. This naturally makes losing players play pretty passively.. Bunch of tight players on the table reduce the number of players per flop.

If the pot size is high then pots in history of the table have been high too and a good hand will make your day. Multiple regulars at any table will ensure that pot size is low on an average. This is purely because pots are won after a flop or before one. Only when a regular and many of them have a strong hold there will be a large pot size. In case you see lots of people at a table in the waitlist, get on that list too as only if a table is soft it is liked by all.  Apparently you will see many regulars are on the wait list too and this is simply because weaker ones tend to buy in for a less amount.

Last, but not the least, you should be able to leave a table if you are losing frequently on that table. It doesn’t matter whether you are better than the rest or not as your image is spoilt and there is no way you can start afresh.

Game selection doesn’t mean choosing which type of online poker to play- limit or no limit. It means selecting which table to play at and at what limit.

Once you become a regular and know the players, try to memorize or keep notes if you need and remember the stronger and weaker players and of course the ones you can see through. Discovering the looseness or passivity of a game is important in game selection too. No wonder a loose game is a good game. This is because the percent of flop will be high and you will get called hands down and this can beat bluffs too.

Besides, keep note of the mistakes a player tends to make time and again. Getting a good foothold of the poker fundamentals is needed for a good game selection too.  This includes hand selection preflop and pot odds etc. If a player makes these mistakes too many times, he is sure to lose a lot of money. Hence all you need to do is be at that table when such a huge amount of money is being lost.

Also try and determine how the game is being played at a particular table – loose, passive? This kind of information can be put to great advantage. For example, if a game is being played loosely, you can make a killing with a good hand. Similarly, if you are careful about your stakes, a passive game will help you get away at a least loss in case of bad cards.


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