Online Tournaments: Sit and Go Strategy

A sit and go strategy is one of the most vital things to know as far as the online poker tournament strategy is concerned. Poker tournaments like the sit and go have become so popular that they require different and smart strategies to be won.

In an online poker game, as the sets increase so will the blinds. Also since there are more hands, the construction of the blinds is short than in a live game. Thus the chief online poker tournament strategy is to be adept and skilled when the blinds increase. For sit and go strategy, one has to be very careful about the buy in, that is, one should have enough bankroll to ensure that he doesn’t run short of money while playing stakes. The sit and go strategy also wants you to be an extremely proficient player if there are 10 or more players at the table. But the most effective strategy is to play at not more than two tables where the chips and blinds are high and constantly on the rise.

The sit and go strategy for Texas Holdem requires you to be unpredictable in your ‘tells’, ‘bluffs’ and ‘steals’. Make sure that you do not have a signature move because the online poker tournament strategy is to play both your cards as well as other players. You must avoid playing from the blinds unless you are in a really sure position like pocket aces. Also, one should not be passive in his moves because that might give some other player to win his ‘bluff’ and ‘steal’ a pot. Your approach should rather be more close and belligerent. This will allow you to play fewer blinds. One of the most important things in sit and go strategy for Texas Hold‘em is being aware of the table structure and positioning oneself according to that because one who sits towards the end has more knowledge about the moves of others. Thus all sit and go strategy and online poker tournament strategy need to be kept in mind to win poker games.


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