Things To Take Care Of While Playing High Stakes Games

Every Poker player wants to earn big money and fame by playing high stake cash games and tournaments with massive prize pools. But as...

How To Play When You Are Holding a Nut

So, you are holding the best cards on the table. Now what? Like every other game, there are winners and losers in Online Poker. Just...

How To Create a ‘Game Plan’ To Learn Poker

Learn Poker sounds like an easy task. All you need to do is study the basics, practice playing for some time and then you...

How Poker Games Help In Creating Social Connections

Are you feeling cut off or isolated due to the lack of social connection during this lockdown period? Due to the current corona pandemic situation,...





Thrilling Rummy Games at

The trend of playing online games is picking up fast pace, mainly due to the increasing use of Internet, lack of time, hectic daily...

Rummy – 13 Card Game

Rummy is the most popular card game in India and 13-card Rummy game is the one that most Indians learn to play normally in...

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