Playing Poker against Computer Bot

With the increasing craze for online poker, there has been tremendous growth in number of poker lovers. However, with this growing trend, the use of poker bots has also become a major issue. For those who are unaware of this term, computer bots are the programs or computer poker players who have the ability to make quick & wise poker decisions against real poker players.

In short, it is real poker player versus virtual players. Poker bots are designed to give players an unfair advantage over other players. Their sole purpose is to use the laws of probability effectively to make intelligent poker decisions against real poker players.The majority of regulated online poker rooms forbid the use of poker bots by players.

playing poker against computer botThere are many inherent advantages to poker bots like the absence of fatigue, emotion etc. However, these positives can be flipped to negatives when playing against more experienced and skilled players as the lack of emotion leaves the bot open & it could be bluffed in situations where a human player might call – out of emotion. Still these bots are preferably used by many people in the world of online poker.

Today, the term poker bot can also refer to a type of human player, who has adopted the poker bot playing style. Players commonly mistake a real-life poker player for a poker bot – especially when this player beats them in every hand.

Believe it or not, there are many online poker players who have fine-tuned their games to mimic artificially intelligent poker bots. These players – the human pokerbots – are like well-oiled machines, grinding away, hour, after hour at online poker tables. While actual poker robots cannot read bluffs; the real human poker bot – a player with all the insights, self-control, skills and abilities, can beat an unemotional poker robot!

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