Playing Small Suited Connectors

The phrase for small suited connectors basically refers to the cards which are numbered in a pack of cards ranging from two to seven. Suit generally means that both the hole cards belong to the same suit. The ace is incorporated at the time when the connector card is two, for example, Ace of Heart & 2 of Heart. Small suited connectors basically are a type of hand which should be played very assertively much before the flop so that there is some kind of chance in the hand. The player can achieve this by raising or stealing the blinds. This is beneficial for the cards which are generally on the low end.

There are normally three types of things which a poker player can flop with this type of hand. It generally includes flush, straight and draws. If the player is dealing with the straight draw on the low end, the player should be very much aggressive with the betting. This technique of small suited connectors can also apply to flush draw or flush. The cards of small suited connector whether they are high or low are always good hands to play. If both the cards are suited to very high end, then the player should play pretty much aggressive. When the flop has no less than two types of suited cards in the hand, it becomes very beneficial. The better a player has high cards in his hands; he has better chances of winning the game.

Once the player is playing aggressive, he should not turn to passive style as it may give an idea to the other players that he has a good hand. The best time to play small suited connectors is during the time when the player at the later position gets occupied in the pot. Until and unless there are multiple opponents, the player should rather fold the small suited connectors. If a player is able to make a flush or straight while, holding the suited connectors, when playing multiple opponents, the opponent players will know less about the strength of the hand.


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