Playing the Blinds in Poker

The one of the most crucial and important aspect of poker is know how to play the blinds. Poker is a game where a person can make huge amount of money. Thus taking a chance on a bet can let the person win or lose the game. Hence it is essential to know the ways to play the blind as to when and how to attack the opponent players and also defending oneself at the same time. Playing the blinds with intelligence in the poker is thus very vital. The blinds are generally the obligatory hand-outs which are made to each hand by the two players. Each of the players takes a turn to play the small and big blind. The blinds thus shift all about the table to the lead of the dealer switch.

Normally in the tournaments, at the preset intervals the value of the blinds in the poker increases thus making the game more fun and active. The players here need to get into the game all through the time as they may lose their chips through the blind. In fixed limit and no limit hold’em poker games, the blinds generally stay at the same height all through the game. In the beginning stages of the game, the blinds are set to very low level compared to the chips. The significance of attacking and defending increases as the blinds increases.

One of the coolest attacking plans for stealing the blinds is to raise in the later position. If a player is in the dealer position, at higher level he can find most of his opponents have already folded which automatically makes him in a better position. The player should raise the bet only in the situations when he finds the other opponent players are in a weaker position especially who are in small and big blind situations. The blinds are very important when there are less opponent players. With lesser number of players, one should defend one’s blind very aggressively and as well as attack the opponent blinds. Hence, knowing how to play the blinds is very much necessary.

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