Poker as a Career Option

Poker is a card game that has always been appealing to people from all spheres. The game has emerged as the latest craze among youth; many people are even adopting this game as a profession.

While older people seem to play it for fun with friends & family; the youth consider it as a recreational activity. But the time is changing now. The game has evolved a lot; as a result many people took this more of a way to earn rather than just a leisure activity. In the past few years, there has been significant increase in number of people who are willing to accept this card game as a career option.

 poker as a career option If you don’t know that you can beat a certain level in online poker then you are at risk. If you want to turn poker into a career then you need to have some sort of base camp to work from.

Career in poker can be both challenging as well as exciting. Poker is a tough nut to crack, hence not meant for everyone. So it is very important to think seriously before taking it as a profession. One should consider a number of things such as –

  • Focus on what you want — Be clear at whether you want to make it a full time profession or consider it as a fleeting job. It takes time to be a professional poker player.
  • Making smart moves – Those who want to make a living out of poker need to think carefully before choosing it as a career option. Proper planning is needed to begin with. Like any other profession, start with low risk by playing low-limit games and gradually climb the ladder as you learn the strategies & techniques of the game.
  • Time management – You need to put in specific number of hours in the game for practice just like any other profession. Moreover, always remember you are playing to spend quality time & to learn the game, not to exploit your bankroll.
  • Coping with stress – Poker is a game of high stress & isolation. It requires a lot of patience, dedication for the game, willingness to take risks and positive energy. There may not be a guaranteed paycheck every month. So, only those who can cope with stress can consider poker as a career option.
  • Proven track record & comfortable bankroll – It is important to have a comfortable bankroll includes living expenses along with a separate poker Bankroll. To have a proven track record, one should keep a record of stats of his game play and should share poker sessions with other friends to have a better understanding of shortcomings.

People had to navigate their way by themselves through the obstacles that come choosing poker for a living. Poker as a profession gives you name, fame, financial freedom & most importantly personal freedom. It gives you a platform for recognition, trips to foreign locations, stable bankroll & lots more!!


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