Poker Cheat Psychology

Poker is a game of careful observations & wise decisions. One needs to be a keen observer to be a finest poker player. Usually, we are so used to playing poker at home with friends & family that we often forget the fact that in the real world there are cheats who play just to swindle other players out of their money.

So let us help you catch a poker cheat by listing out his psychological traits –

  • A poker cheat never concedes to his wrongdoing. So be prepared for this situation whenever you are confronting or dealing with a poker cheat about his activities. Even if caught red-handed, he will definitely try to play the same game again & again.
  • It’s a fact that not all cheaters are driven by monetary profit. Some are motivated by the excitement of winning or the thrill of cheating without being caught. So never consider low stake games as safe game play.
  • If you think that you’re proficient at looking out for a card cheat in a game, you will only encourage the cheater. A poker cheat will take it as a dare task to take on. As said earlier, it is not always about monetary profit but also about the thrill to get away with a quick & wise cheating trick.
  • It has been observed that alcohol always encourages the cheater, but it also distracts him from the game. In fact there is a very popular saying “cheating at cards is either a profession or a disease”. So when it’s a disease, alcohol has an ironic double-effect as it encourages the cheater to cheat & on the other hand it affects his skills of cheating wisely.

Catching the Cheat – Now that we have explored some of the perceptions of the mind of the poker cheat, the real question is how would you identify it & deal with it? Though this article does not contain adequate information to teach you how to tackle with a poker cheat, it will help you recognize poker cheating so that you could at least recognize it when it is going on around you & protect your bankroll. There are a lot of useful

There are a lot of useful article are here for you to teach you about advance skill and practices to make you perfect poker player.

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