Poker Playing Styles – Which One is Yours

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Poker Playing Styles - Which One is Yours
July 11th, 2019 14:33

Every poker player has his own unique style of playing that makes him different from other players. Here we are presenting the four basic categories of playing styles which you easily spot at an online poker game table.

Loose passive (The calling station)- They play a large number of hands and call most of the time, regardless of whatever cards they are holding. They want to stay involved in every hand they play, even if their starting hand is trash. It is not easy to bluff a calling station as they rarely bet/raise.

Loose aggressive (LAG)- They bet/raise aggressively but calls rarely. They love taking risks and enter the pot with any type of starting hands. There are the most unpredictable players at the table.

Tight passive (The Rock)- The players who take their own sweet time deciding their moves. They play only with premium hands, bet/raise rarely, and check for the most part. They seldom take risks and prefer avoiding confrontations.

Tight aggressive (TAG)- They are very selective and folds around 80% of their hands pre-flop. They rarely call but bet/raise heavily if they have a strong starting hand. If you are holding a weak/average hand, it is better to fold against these type of players.

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