Poker Strategy: beating the bully of the table

A ‘bully’ person is present in every part of the world and the poker table is no exception. The poker table bully is the loose, aggressive and the dominating player. This player easily has the capacity to make other players uncomfortable and as a result the player loses their concentration level and end up having strong chances to lose the game. Along with the other poker strategies of winning a poker game like ‘betting draws’, yet another one is to know ‘how to beat the bully’ at the poker table. The best and the safest method of beating this person is to wait for real good cards to come at hand.

A bully actually wins his way out by forcing other players to fold. His weakness lies in losing in the showdown. A good player who would want to beat the bully in the game, should never fall into the trap and get ready for what may seem like an eternal wait, but patience here would be the key. If a player has good cards at hand and is confident about them, then he should call for a show. To bring down any bully it is very important to consider one’s own position and concentrate on the strength of his cards. Most importantly, one should not be a coward and face the bully strongly.

The bullies always tend to attack on the weaker people and hence one should avoid being so. Beating a bully at the table does indeed become one of the important strategies that one should ace into to avoid losing a game in poker. Sometimes one of the ways to defeat a bully is to be a ‘bully’ yourself. At poker table being a bully is not such bad idea. Sometimes the player has to be a bit aggressive to save his own skin. While playing online, a poker bully usually is the one who is always a step ahead than the other players. Hence, it is very important to keep a good guess on the bull’s next move and take a note of all his moves and accordingly strategize your own move.


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