Poker Strategy Tips

Poker is not just another card game. It is a battle of skills, strategy, and wits. If you want to achieve continued success throughout your Poker journey, here are some basic but effective strategies to implement in the game when you play with real money.

Calculate Pot Odds

Pot odds is the ratio between your potential winning (the size of the pot) and your potential investment (money you need to bet). Your decision to stay in the game or leave the table must always be based on the information obtained by calculating pot odds.


The objective of a bluff is to manipulate opponents’ thoughts and game plan and ultimately make them act in a particular way- a way that is desired by you. The size and frequency of a bluff must be based on your table position, table image, chip stack, experience and level of skills of your opponents, etc.

Read the Opponents

Poker is a game of limited information and it is essential to learn how to quickly analyze the strength of your hand as well as predict the hand of your opponent. You need to observe your opponent’s tendencies, body language, playing style, etc to have an idea about his hand strength. This analysis helps you greatly in spotting his weaknesses and decide your next move accordingly.

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