Poker Terms Every Player Needs To Know – V

For everyone who wants to achieve success at the game tables in the long run, it is important to learn Poker terms and phrases that often come up during a hand.

Here are some easy-to-learn terms that every player needs to add in his vocabulary –


The best possible hand in any given situation. The highest possible flush is called the ‘nut-flush’ and the highest possible straight is called the ‘nut-straight’.


A playing style. Playing ‘loose’ means playing with a wide range of starting hands, regardless of their strength.


Hole cards of different suits. For example, in a Texas Hold’em game, if you have one card of Spades and one of Hearts, you are holding offsuit cards.


A hole card that is higher in rank than any card on the table. The term is also used for a community card that is higher than a pocket pair.  


A passive player who plays very few hands and rarely takes risks. He joins the action only with a premium starting hand. In order to understand how to play 3 Patti, Rummy, or Poker games, you have to familiarize yourself with the lingo and terminology that are used in card rooms, both online and offline.


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