Private Poker Table

Private poker tables are user created tables where users can invite their friends & family members to play poker with them. When creating a private poker table, the users have the freedom to decide the Buy-in amount, the blinds, the maximum number of seats allowed etc. When a user creates a private table, he is provided with a unique PNR number. The user can send the PNR number of his private table to only those people he desires to play with. Any other player can only join a private table if he/she enters the PNR number of that particular table. is now giving all its players the exclusive opportunity to set up private poker tables and tournaments. The new Private tables feature will allow you to play with your friends in a private environment and create the virtual equivalent of a poker night in your own home. You can set up a private poker table configuring the Buy-in, blinds, no. of seats, type of table etc. After doing so, you can send invitations to your near & dear ones to come and play poker with you on The invitations can be sent automatically from the site that will contain the PNR number of your created private table.


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