Raising on the River – how to deal it

No-limit Texas holdem poker is very simple to learn, but some players find it difficult to master the game. For good players it is one of the easiest ways to make money. By knowing some of the very basic and general betting strategy principles in poker and applying them in the game, a person can make huge amount of cash. A person having strong starting poker hands which are generally a pair of high cards or an ace and a high card or connected face cards or an ace and king can win the game easily.

Medium strong poker hand cards consist of pairs of 7, 8 or 9; face and 10 of any suit; two high cards which are not suited; medium suited connectors like 10-9 of spades without gap, hearts of 7-5 with one gap. There is many times where a person needs to check the raising on the river. It generally happens when someone hits a draw; miss a draw or when a person wants to make an additional bet when he thinks that his opponent may have something interesting in his pocket.

But generally the raising on the river is the last stage of the no-limit texas holdem poker. A raising on the river is not very dangerous as the opponent only tries to test. When a player generally raises on the river, he knows that he will be called more which generally eradicate the risk of bluffing like the raising on the river. Thus one should test the river when such a card like that comes. Checking and calling normally allows the person to face-off the hand for the matching price. With the help of river check, a person can take benefit of the aggressive players with their habitual bluffs. Since these kinds of players basically look for an excuse to bluff, river checks with the objective to check raising is ideal for creating up situations where the opponent aggressive players will think that his opponent is weak and in turn fire at the person.


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