Sins Of An Online Poker Player

The real cash game of poker is not only a skill-based mind enhancing activity but also a great source of entertainment for a vast part of the population.

In order to separate yourself from an average poker player, you need to be extremely aware of your game and work on all the shortcomings that you can ascertain by assessing your own game. There are times that we get so engrossed in winning that we just forgo our fundamental knowledge and get trapped in a loop of committing some silly mistakes which cause a substantial financial loss.

India’s No.1 poker app- Adda52 has curated a list of all the common mistakes even avid players make while playing real money poker. By being aware of these mistakes, not only can you upskill yourself but also avoid losing your bankroll.

Read ahead to know about the common sins committed by players playing online poker-

  • Getting Too Emotional

Having a stable mind is a prerequisite to playing a good game at the poker table. After playing money earning games for a long time, it may so happen that our emotions may take over and our rationality may be put at bay. This is the first and foremost sin that is most common amongst players.  The extreme thrill of winning a good hand can cause even the calmest souls to feel elated. In the same manner losing a big pot can make a person feel very low and frustrated.

In case you wish to maintain a good bankroll, it is very important to keep your emotions in check to eliminate any actions backed by an emotional response which may lead to making an irrational action at the tables. If at any time, you feel that you are being emotional, it is best to take  a break from the game tables.

  • Becoming greedy

Poker is a skill-based game packed with action and an opportunity to earn money and build up your bankroll. But what we must be vary of is that when the fun shifts to greed, we end up becoming too obsessed with the goal rather than the actual play of the game which is never a good thing in the long run.

It is always advised to keep your attention on how you are playing the game rather than how much money you will be making.

  • Too Much Bluffing

Bluffing is a quintessential part in the game of poker. As the age old saying goes, excess of everything is bad. This holds true even in this situation. As essential as it is to know how to bluff while we play poker, it is equally important to know when to bluff or not to bluff as it can sometimes backfire and cause us to lose out on money.

  • Behaving like a Know-it-all

Learning is an inevitable part of growing or getting ahead in any aspect of life. Same goes in poker, learning is a continuous process and never ends. There is not one player who can say that they know every single thing about poker. But it may so happen that after winning consistently for a while, we may end up feeling like we know everything from tips, strategies to poker rules. This is where we go wrong. We end up gloating because of our wins and it shows in our actions at the table. This makes it apparent to the opponents and they may even out play us because we are over confident.

  • Not Taking care of your health

Taking care of your health is very important to play your best game at the table. Poker requires a person to remain seated over a long time, thus it is essential to maintain a healthy outdoor lifestyle as well to balance out the sedentary activities. Eating right is also another thing that all players should take under advisement. A healthy body and sound mind will contribute to a person playing poker with full concentration and achieve best results.

  • Playing Mindlessly

Being mindful is essential to maintain a good play at the tables. Over exerting or playing mindlessly will only result in losing out on precious money but also lead to frustration and burnout. Thus, taking a break when you feel spiralled or dazed is a must to keep going strong in the long run.

A fresh start will give you a better perspective as well as better give you time to recuperate and strategize.

  • Not maintaining a good poker-life balance

Playing poker requires emotional, physical and practical discipline in order to ace the game in the long run. Thus, it is essential to build a good routine for your poker games. It is also important to make sure that you are not missing out of other facets of your life because of poker as that will build up and show effect on your game in one-way or the other. And so it is advised to keep a healthy, balanced routine to ace all aspects of your life and play your best game to earn maximum possible rewards from your game.

  • Playing at Too Many Tables at Once

If you are a novice at online poker, it is safe to start playing with only one table at a time. It is advised to tread slowly and get your foundation very strong before you start multitabling or playing on multiple tables at once. This can prove to be very disastrous as you may end up losing a big chunk of your bankroll in case you lose control and are unable to maintain a good action while playing multiple poker hands at each table. So it is recommended to not play at too many tables at once before you are absolutely sure you can handle it.

With keeping all the factors in this list in check, not only will you be able to ace your gameplay but also be mindful of how to play poker in the most accurate manner.

Happy Playing!

Bhupendra Chahar
Bhupendra Chahar is an online Gamer who has a love for creativity and who enjoys experimenting with various trending topics. You Can follow him on Twitter @Bhupendrachahar and Quora - /Bhupendra-Chahar #Poker #Games #Politics #India

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