Slow play Pocket Kings? NEVER!

There are basically three ways of hand pre flops. They are minimum betting, slow playing and playing aggressively. Slow play Pocket Kings are thought to be the most risky way of playing the kings or aces. Here the players do not have any idea about the cards of the opponent players. A player should only take the move, only when he thinks he can take the risk. It can be specially used in the cases when the player is short stacked and the player cannot win the blinds. The player needs to slow play the pocket pair and can just expect the enemy to strike a pair on the flop thereby permitting the player to pay off.

Kings are one of the best hand pre flops in poker. But if an ace shows up on the poker board after a flop, they become the second most excellent. In Slow play pocket kings, the weak aces are just asked to take part in the game. The player is to bet pre flop thereby removing the weak aces and various other drawing hands from the play. If a player is lucky, then an opponent player might raise the bet and hence the player can also re-raise. It is always simpler to play the kings against one hand compared to many hands.

The right technique to play Pocket King and Pocket Aces is to raise in the pre-flop round. When none rises for the big blind, the player should raise as high as 4 big blinds. But suppose if some opponent has already risen, the player should re-raise to 3 times of it. But if the amount of the raise is more than the half of the stack, the player should always go for all. The main aim is to collect as much money as the player cans thereby scaring the weak hands in turn. But the player should be intelligent not to do in a single raise which may in turn panic the stronger hands.


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