Stay Safe & Celebrate New Year 2021 At Home With a Twist

The new year is almost here and we all are pepped up to welcome the coming year with all zest and zeal. Though our enthusiasm is high, we should not forget the ongoing pandemic that has somewhere taken a backseat for many people.

It’s crucial to be vigilant about the mandatory safety practices such as social distancing, face masks, limiting person to person, and avoiding going out to crowded places. Stay safe at home and ensure the health of our loved ones. But wait, this should not dissuade you from celebrating new year’s eve with full power and let the Covid-19 spoil your plans. Your “josh” should be high!

Without wasting any time, let’s quickly talk about the interesting ways you can celebrate new year’s eve at home and have a gala time with your loved ones!

Decorate Your Home:

Any celebration is incomplete without decoration. A new year’s eve is incomplete without sparkles and glittery decoration. Create festive vibes at your home by decorating your space and celebrate new year’s eve with the right atmosphere. The right atmosphere will help you to set the mood to kick things off.

Use interesting ideas to decorate your space such as create words that comprise happy vibes such as a versatile “Cheers” or a “Happy New Year” with neon-colored lights. You can also brighten up space by using disco ball cups, a champagne balloon garland kit, artificial flower space, and much more.

Prepare a Photo Session Booth:

We all look forward to clicking beautiful pictures so that we have memories to cherish later. Just because you are celebrating at home doesn’t mean that you can’t click beautiful pictures and rule over the internet. To get the perfect photos, you can create or purchase Insta-worthy props. Create a beautiful DIY backdrop and use them creatively. Surprise your family members and friends with this creativity of yours.

You can use LED light strips to deck up space instantly, use indoor plants with LED lights for a mesmerizing appeal, use silver or gold wrapping paper to decorate your plane walls, etc. There are so many DIY ideas that will keep your celebrations’ spirit high and make your space more appealing than ever.

Dress Up Nicely:

Get ready for yourself this time by throwing on your favorite outfit and adorning some accessories for a bold New Year’s Eve look.

For many people, it’s been months since they have dressed up nicely, style their hair, or put effort into carrying a glam look to rock the party. As many of us are celebrating at home or attending an intimate (socially distanced) gathering, it’s a nice occasion to dress up nicely and make you feel about yourself.

Plan a Cook-Off with Friends:

Because it’s new year’s eve and it’s common to stay awake till midnight, you have an ample amount of time in hand. Plan a cook-off with your family members or friends and challenge each other to cook delicious recipes. Have a stock of snacks and bites to binge eat the entire night. To make things more interesting, host a ‘signature recipe’ cook-off between your family members.

Ask them to cook their best recipes and keep a gift for the winner. Relish those recipes while watching a movie together, playing online card games, or simply chit-chatting with loved ones.

Organize A Dance Party: 

Welcome the coming year with your amazing dance moves! Enjoy all night to the fullest by dancing around your home with your friends and family members. To spice things up, you can add a competitive aspect and set a gift for the best dancer in the end.

Plan interesting elements to spice up your celebrations. For instance – you can play online strategy games together and whosoever loses the game, have to give a special dance performance. Or you can try imitating the dance moves of your favorite actors or actresses, take the hoop step challenge, and much more to have the best time.

Virtual Toast With Your Friends:

Those who are not able to make it to your new year celebration, celebrate with them with a virtual toast. Forget about the dark times and reminisce about good events that happened in the past. Practice gratitude and acknowledge the good things of the year with a thoughtful virtual toast. Set a time to have a video call with your friends to raise a glass together and appreciate each other for getting through all the dark times and bad phases.

Pop Confetti at Midnight: You have to make the moment memorable as soon as the clock strikes 12:00! Even if you are maintaining a low-key celebration, you can use all the noisemakers, confetti poppers, or sparklers you want. After all, any celebration is incomplete without party poppers and sparkles.

Host a Game Night: What’s better than experiencing the rush in your adrenaline by playing challenging games to celebrate new year’s eve. Connect with your friends at poker online tables and compete with each other for massive cash prizes.

You can also play online multiplayer games to connect with new people and add a feather to your celebrations. Games are the best way to bond with your friends or new people around the world and infuse an element of thrill in your celebrations.

Host a Video Call With Loved Ones: Connecting with your loved ones via zoom calls or Google Meet and making them a part of your celebrations will be a cherry on the cake this year. It will spruce up your new year celebrations and help you to gather all of your loved ones virtually.

So how’s the ‘josh’ for this coming year? We hope it’s high!

Bhupendra Chahar
Bhupendra Chahar is an online Gamer who has a love for creativity and who enjoys experimenting with various trending topics. You Can follow him on Twitter @Bhupendrachahar and Quora - /Bhupendra-Chahar #Poker #Games #Politics #India

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