Texas Holdem Billabong Poker Card Game

When it comes to card games, no other game is as popular as Poker. The most popular are the Stud games, the draw games, and the increasingly popular Texas Holdem. Texas Holdem has become the parent of a variety of offshoots. Billabong Texas Holdem is being played on college campuses, in casinos today with an ever increasing number of followers. It is also reminiscent of another poker favorite, Omaha. Poker has many incarnations and you are sure to find more than one number among what you call your favorites.

How To Play Billabong Texas Holdem Poker
Billabong Texas Holdem Poker is a strange hybrid of community poker and stud. So if you prefer stud, you will also find this game exciting and the Holdem aspects will add a surprising twist. In Billabong Texas Holdem, you post the blinds and antes that are predetermined as in other games. The player who is in possession of the dealer button posts the small blind and the player to his left makes the large blind.

Now the dealer deals 3 cards, all face down and one card face up, to each player. These are the pocket or hole cards. Players are allowed to assess their cards and place their bets. Once the bets are done, it is time for the community cards to be dealt. This is called the –flop – these cards will be shared by all of the players. After the flop round, there continues to be more betting, and it is time for the card to be referred as the “turn” card. It is placed with the community cards. Another round of betting and the “river card” comes next.

Once the river card is played, betting begins in earnest. There might be some players who could have folded along the way and this is the final weeding out. Those who have faith in their hands will bid, check or raise to make it to the final showdown. Out of the nine cards dealt the winner is the one with the best five card poker hand.

Rules of Billabong Texas Holdem poker
Standard poker rules are followed for this game of Poker. You have to depend on at least three of your hold cards when making a hand and there are opportunities to bluff and/or steal blinds as you go along. People be careful, there are no billabong poker free games, so to gain practice you will have to take the risks!


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