Texas Holdem Cincinnati Poker Card Game

Texas Holdem Cincinnati is an extremely popular version of the original Texas Holdem game. It is more popular in the United States but online gaming rooms have taken this game world wide. The game gets pretty crazy because depending on where you are playing the game you get 4-5 hold cards instead of the standard two. This is in addition to the five community cards that are a standard of Texas Holdem. The objective however is still to create the best five card hand possible. Big hands are normal in this game since you have so many more cards to choose from and the betting gets extravagant.

How To Play Texas Holdem Cincinnati
Texas Holdem Cincinnati PokerIn this variation of Texas Holdem you get either 4 or 5 hold cards. These cards are held through out the game; it is only at the end that you can use them and the cards in the community to put together a great five card hand. The antes are generally 10% of the betting limit but in no limit games it can be more and there will be a blind system. Betting is done at the end of the deal in each round. After receiving the hold cards betting start to the left of the dealer and goes around the table clockwise. A card is then discarded by the dealer and the “FLOP” is placed in the community row. Betting goes around once more. The dealer discards one and turns up the “TURN” is placed in the community row. Again players make their bets; they bid, raise, call or fold during each round of betting. Now the dealer discards the last card and the “RIVER” card is placed in community row. The last round of betting takes place and it is at this point that some may choose to fold out of the running. Whoever is left has the “SHOWDOWN”, they reveal their cards compare hands and the one with the highest five card hand wins.

Texas Holdem Cincinnati Rules
For the most part standard poker rules apply. But there are the slight differences to contend with. For instance the game has more hold cards than most of the other games. Betting is still done after every deal. Antes and blinds are placed at the beginning as well. For the showdown the player gets to use one or all of the cards in their hands or a combination of community and hold cards to come up with the highest hand that they can.


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