Texas Holdem Double Flop Poker Card Game

Texas Holdem is a very popular card game with a lot of variations on a central format. The Double flop Texas Holdem Poker Game is one of its rising stars. The game is different in the sense that you get two sets of community cards and get to bet on each hand. You have two separate opportunities to be a winner. There are instances when a single player will win both boards and thus get the entire pot, most often, however, the pot is split between two separate winners. You do not have to reveal which board you are building your hand on. You can only use one board to build the hand and not the cards from each board.

How To Play Double Flop Texas Holdem
When the game begins the antes and blinds are placed, this is called posting the initial bet. These are there to make everyone feel that there is certainly something to be won whether anyone bets or not. All players will post a blind at some time during the game. The dealer uses a standard deck of 52 cards, after the shuffle each player gets two hole cards. A round of betting begins to the left of the dealer. In this game, you can bet, raise, check or fold just as in all poker games. The dealer then discards the top card and turn the next three faces up to form the community boards.

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In the case of Double Flop Texas Holdem, there are six cards dealt at the flop in two separate sections. Betting takes place again. The dealer discards again and deals with the “turn cards” for each board. Another instance of betting ensues. A final card is discarded by the dealer and the “river card” for both boards is dealt with. This is crunch time, the betting takes place as before but this time, it leads to the “SHOWDOWN”.

Double Flop Texas Holdem Rules
The rules for standard Texas Holdem apply here with the only exceptions being that you have to declare which board your hand is in at the end of the game. The game can be played in either of the ways when there are two winners or one. Some play when you have to win both boards to claim the pot; in this case, if nobody does, the pot carries over to the next hand. The last player to bet or raise begins the next hand as the first bettor.


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