Texas Holdem Guts Poker

The premise of Texas Holdem Guts Poker is fairly simple. It is a comparing game that is a variant of the regular Texas Holdem poker game. The game is easy but it is also a big money game. You can win or lose a lot in a short while. This is inherent in the structure of the game that a lot of betting takes place very quickly.

How to Play Guts Texas Holdem Poker

The game starts much like most other poker games with a forced ante, then the dealing of the Hole cards. All players must declare whether they are in or out of the game. Those who stay in have a SHOWDOWN when the winner is declared & he gets the pot.

Now here is where it gets interesting those who stayed in and lost has to ante the amount of the last pot for the next game. If the previous pot had $90 in it then each player that stayed in has to ante up $90 for the next game. The cards are shuffled and dealt for the beginning of the next hand. The game ends when only one person has the “Guts” to stay in and without challengers win the entire pot.

Guts Texas Holdem Poker Rules

The games generally use the cap rule. This puts a limit on how much a player has to put in and how much they can ultimately win. Limiting the pot size keeps the game interesting and some from losing their shirts.

There is a disadvantage to using a cap; it makes the game take quite a bit longer to conclude.  Sometimes the game is played with a kitty. This is an extra hand that is kept by the dealer. This is designed to keep the dealer from picking up pots. This hand is shown at the end of the game and all the players in must have hands that are better than the kitty to win. If no one wins the pot carries over into another round. There are also quite a few other variants on the game. One of the most popular is the partial hand. This is where all cards are dealt except one.  The Ins and outs are called and those still in get their last card face up.


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