Texas Holdem Psycho Poker Card Game

This is the Texas Holdem variant that takes things from form several other card games as well. Psycho poker lives up to its name because it combines elements of Holdem, Stud and Draw Poker and the play style is totally different from anything that you have ever played before. By including some of the rules of draw poker, this game overcomes many limitations of standard Texas Holdem Poker. Like Holdem, you get to make your best possible hand from the seven cards. This poker game is generally a blast for entertaining or for family night.

How to Play Texas Holdem Psycho Poker & its Rules
There is a maximum of five players with this variant, which is precisely why it is perfect for smaller gatherings. The game play starts with a small ante and then the dealer gives each player five cards face down. Once the players have taken a look at there respective cards the betting round begins. The player to the left starts the betting.

After betting  players can opt to discard up to two of the cards they are currently holding. The dealer gives each player same number of cards to match the ones they have discarded. Now the players decide on what five cards will make up the hand they will be playing.

Each player is then required to place three cards from his hand, face up which is followed by another round of betting. Here, the player having the best three cards starts the betting. After this round is over, each player will receive another card face up from the dealer. Now, there should be two face down cards and 4 cards face up. Another betting round takes place clockwise; at its completion the dealer hands out the final card to all the players who are still in the game.

After a final round of betting, the showdown takes place and the pot is awarded to the player with the best hand.


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