Texas Holdem Spanish Poker Card Game

This is another popular variation of the Texas Holdem game. It is played with only 28 cards (2-7 not used) and the structure of the game is reminiscent of Omaha. The players have to use both of the hold cards along with any three of the community cards. It can be limit or no limit pot status; most players prefer no limit games. Betting can get rather large in this game; it is wise for beginners to play in games with a betting cap to avoid high losses. You may also hear the game refereed to as “Synthetic” poker.

How To Play Spanish Texas Holdem Poker
The biggest difference between this game and regular Texas Holdem is that the cards are dealt out one at a time and betting takes place on each card. The game does use the ante principle and the hand rankings are different. The hand ranks order from the top is the royal flush being the best, straight flush, 4 of a kind, flush, full house, straight, 3 of a kind, 2 pair, one pair and high card.

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You also need to be aware that when you get dealt an ace it gives you a lot of options. It can be a high or low card but it can also change the variance of another cards value. The suit stays the same.

The play order is like this:

Ante + dealing of hold cards
1st flop card + betting
2nd flop card + betting
3rd flop card + betting
The Turn card + betting
The River card + betting

Texas Holdem Spanish Holdem Rules
The rules are really simple; you can bet after each card, the ante is placed at the top of the game. The hand rankings are different so you have to remain aware of that. You may bid, raise, check, call and fold like in any other Holdem game. The way the ace works may be a bit confusing but it becomes second nature the more you play. We suggest you better play free poker games until you become familiar with this nuance.


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