The Evolution of Education

How can we adopt the traditional ways of teaching in today’s world of technology? Don’t you think by picking out “tradition” from the past and “technology” from the present, we will have the best of both worlds? And who wouldn’t want that? From online schools to online games, including online poker and other mind games, everything is dependent on technology nowadays so how do we include conventional ways in it?

In terms of teaching, let us discuss the role of ancient education in the modern world. What has changed and what is the difference between the two eras? Let us simply talk about competition emerging from education where people simply put up questions like “who is better?”. In ancient times, there were battlefields, wars, etc. However, in today’s time, violent wars have been replaced by ego wars. But the desire to win remains the same. However, do not forget desire is different from art. It is possible that even after winning, you might not have the art of gaining victory because true victory happens when we conquer ourselves and not the world. This ancient ideology is in contradiction with modern education where the competition is always from others (and not from yourself to become a better version of yourself first) and more and more people are jumping on this bandwagon every day.

Speaking of evaluation of the outcome, the whole concept of testing and examination has changed – children are seeking education for learning but their primary aim has become earning.. in the future. In today’s education, there is a whole lot of information but very less inspiration. However, there are still many unique and innovative ways in which people can still learn about life and inspiration, such as, playing card games online, going to intellectual clubs, reading wisdom-provoking books, etc. Let’s understand how the evaluation system has evolved and transformed the way learning happens today.

Information or perception?

Remember your school days and think about this – did you study because you wanted to gain information or did you study because you wanted to broaden your perception? If you ask your heart, you will realize the answer lies in the former part of the question. Mugging up for the sake of passing exams was not an uncommon scenario. We do not need teachers for rote learning or memorizing. This is the role of our brain.  Since a plethora of information can be gathered in our brain without a teacher, even though audio equipment or books, why do we need a teacher for holistic education?

We need teachers because the information they transfer through their energies is not simple data, rather it is their perception that they bestow upon us. With the help of our teachers’ energies, we are also able to enhance our own perception.

When we want to gain information, we believe education to be limited and unpassionate, while when we seek inspiration and enhance our perception, we do things we wouldn’t normally do. We go beyond our books, we explore, discover, and derive our knowledge through experiences.

Apart from education, there are so many other activities as well that help you teach the difference between gaining information and gaining perception. Have you ever tried playing Hold’em Texas poker? Once you get the hang of it, you will know what we mean! Anyway, back to education…


In the ancient education system, there was no course structure. Instead of a stringent study plan, teachers used to encourage children to walk towards their own realizations and passion. However, in today’s modern world, there is so much structure in the way teaching takes place that children are taught what the universities or schools already know – they are not encouraged to find their own “knowing”.

The examination pattern is no different. Every student is expected to study for the same subjects and give the same exams. Their knowing or inclination plays no role in their education, especially in their former years of education. There are only 5-6 subjects that are taught for years. We are expected to know about Maths, Science, English, etc. But not about other skills like weaving, ironing, yoga, etc. In the past times, tests and evaluations were based on individual passion and inclinations. But since now there are only 5-6 subjects in the former education years, there is no choice but to prepare for all these whether or not you are interested.

Although in those days, only a few people had the privilege to gain an education. Either kings or high-ranking people used to go to Gurukuls, rest used to stay at home or perform menial tasks. Now that the population has increased and more and more people are seeking education, mastering all the skills has become even more difficult, also because they have lost their value. The purpose has become to nurture the upper part of the body (mind) but what about the nourishment of body and soul?

Nourishing mind, body, soul

In today’s time, people who have a high academic bent are considered intelligent and potentially successful. Other factors have taken a backseat. Because of this, we keep nourishing our minds but the nourishment of body and soul and all of these together is nowhere in the picture.

This is where the importance of sports and other physical activities like dance, theatre, etc. come into play. Although many things are evolving, a person good at sports (and average in studies) is still not considered conventionally “intelligent” because of their lack of interest in studies. Similarly, dance activities have also lost their importance because these are considered mere hobbies.

When we are talking about mind, body, and soul, we can’t help but think about yoga. Yoga is not just a physical exercise, it is food for our soul and mind as well. Where all these three elements meet, we can it yoga. But how often do you think it is a part of modern teachings? Yoga practice provides so many benefits that don’t you think it should be a mandatory part of our schooling or modern teachings? Apart from yoga, even simple activities like playing rummy online, indulging in other mind sports, mental quizzes, etc. help in nourishing the mind, body, and soul of an individual.

Final thought

If you compare ancient and modern education, you cannot ignore the evolving evaluation and teaching patterns. Because of this, we are missing out on our holistic education experience. While ancient education focused on perception, modern education emphasizes information. Maybe this is the reason people are gradually losing the understanding of a teacher-student relationship. Earlier teachers were considered mentors for changing and enhancing their students’ perception but now they are just considered as transmitters of information.

Bhupendra Chahar
Bhupendra Chahar is an online Gamer who has a love for creativity and who enjoys experimenting with various trending topics. You Can follow him on Twitter @Bhupendrachahar and Quora - /Bhupendra-Chahar #Poker #Games #Politics #India

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