Types Of Opponents You Will Find @ Every Poker Table

If you play online poker on a leading online poker portal or live poker in a casino, you will face off against certain types of players at some point during a gaming session. These players are the poker stereotype who will make you roll your eyes in confusion or growl in frustration!

The Insanely Angry Guy

This guy has an unpredictable temper at the table, and it takes a moment to set him off. If you outdraw him in a typical spot, he will explode, and if you see through his obvious bluff, he will total meltdown. Angry Guy just hates everything in the world. He is always angry – he will be angry at you and other players on the table, he will be angry at the software, the dealer and the waitress.

The ‘Gamble-Gamble’ Guy

There are people who play poker as a hobby because they’re good at card games online and revel in making some extra money. While others play poker because they love the thrill the game offers – whether they win or lose, it is the excitement of betting their chips and seeing what happens! Gamble-Gamble Guy can work out when he’s ahead and when he’s behind. He enjoys forewarning the players on the table and gambling it up. He embraces the risk and focuses on playing big than play like a nit and grind out smaller profits.

The Wannabe Pro Guy

In live poker, this is a guy who usually wears a hoodie, big headphones and sunglasses for a low stakes games with friends. In online poker, he can’t resist butting in after each hand with a smug smile when he has judged your play. He has read the poker books and really knows his stuff. He thinks he’s the next Phil Hellmuth and thinks you are not up to his high standard.

While playing online poker, you may have come across hundreds of players who fall into one of the three stereotypes above. Do let us know if we have missed any major player types.


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