Time Factor & Importance of its Management in Poker

While online poker has been the latest craze among the youth; many people feel annoying as they often end up leaving the table with lees money in their hand that what they had in the beginning of the game. Not only the amateurs but even the poker pros feel the same sometimes. But such situations are not because of improper bankroll management or lack of playing skills; it happens due to the lack of time management while playing online. Many players do not pay attention towards the time factor but it does play a very crucial role. Never forget “time is the real wealth.”

With few simple steps, you can manage to win big by playing wisely in the poker room –
time factor in online poker

    • Play only when you’re focused – Many players think that they need to play for a long time in order to end up with a lot of bucks in pocket as a profit. However, long hour gaming sessions could be extremely boring & tiring. Moreover, staying focused on the game is a big challenge. Especially when playing Multi Table Poker Tournament, the difficulty is increased twice. So stop playing, before you lose your concentration.
    • Moving to higher stakes – one should always start playing poker with the low stake tables. As you will play more & more you will gain confidence about your game play & hence can move to the higher stakes. Moreover, if you are a regular player, playing the lower stakes tables for long can be boring or may not offer fair opportunities to win big. So, you can opt for high stake table. But if you’re an occasional player, playing at higher stakes would not work.
    • Cope with the online pace- online poker offers more action that too at a faster pace. Playing online allow you to play on multiple tables or play multiple tournaments simultaneously. Due to the faster pace of online poker, players have very lees time to analyze the situations and take decisions. So, one has to be very careful before making any move.
    • Making quick but wise moves- since online poker gives you very less time to analyze your opponents and their hands; you need to be very quick and cunning. Try to read your opponents and act accordingly. Utilize the time limit of your turn wisely. Neither take any action instantly nor waste your turn’s time limit. Do not sit idle in turn of others. Analyze their actions and try to crack their strategies.

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