Tips and Poker Strategies for Online Tells

Poker tells or rather online poker tells is a regular action of different players that gives the opponent hint of what the player has in his hand. When a person widens his eyes in an offline poker game, he gets to know the strength of the hand in a rough manner. No wonder maximum players wear shades when playing a poker game. However, one has to adapt different poker strategies while playing online poker as this clear advantage isn’t available while playing online poker.

In an online poker room, there is an allotted time during which a player is bound to respond before calling All-in or deciding to fold.  Online poker may get stuck due to bad internet connection and as a result the player may seem “laggy”. Thus, overlooking certain internet issues, player’s speed shows good tell. Similarly, a quick tendency to bet shows lack of good cards. However, slow action shows strength.  This is because a strategy needs to be worked out to win consistently. Online poker tells enhance a person’s chance to win a game. This is the best poker strategy that one can use anytime in online poker. Online poker has check areas for “call any” or even “fold”. One can know the use of a check box online as the action comes in an eye blink of the person in front of him.  Such poker tells can be pretty advantageous.  Any player checking the “raise” or “call any” obviously has a strong hand and thus a strong reason for checking that box.

It is tough to categorize players or remember them this way but in the course of playing good as well as bad games, one gets a hint of the hand a player holds in general. If a player talks a lot, then maybe he has a bad hand but if he gets quieter then he has suddenly acquired better cards.  Hence one must try these poker tells to win best pots possible.


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