Tips For SOL Participants – By Arjanveer Singh

Are you all set to participate in the 16 Lac GTD ‘The Courageous Arjan’ tournament in the Series of Legends?

We all love the game and we all want to perform our best at the table. Some players play to add another feather to their victory cap or some to win a share from the massive prize pools. Regardless of the reason, it is important to keep your cool all the time to ensure making the best possible decisions on time and leaving the table as a winner.

Here are some simple yet highly effective tips to improve your chances of winning in the Poker tournament  –

Visualize yourself as the Champion

Although thinking about the future can increase your nervousness, visualizing yourself as the winner makes you cheerful and optimistic. Imagining yourself achieving the desired results boost your confidence and make you believe in your talent and abilities.

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Take enough rest

Along with the mental preparation, you have to prepare yourself mentally for the game to ensure playing your best. You must take proper rest and diet before entering the tournament so that there is no need to take a break from the game every now and then.

Maintain Your focus

Maintaining concentration for a long time is an art. Whenever your mind starts wandering, you must know how to bring it back into the game. Find out what distracts you the most and remove them from your sight till you are playing the game.

Have fun

The fear of failure can cause you to play differently than your natural game. Poker is just a card game. What matters the most is -how much you are enjoying it. Don’t take the game too seriously and put too much pressure on yourself to play well and win.

Don’t compare yourself with others

Every Poker game player’s level of skills, experience, and playing style is different from others. Make your decision on the basis of categorizing your opponent by carefully analyzing their playing style and betting pattern.

Set realistic goals

There are certain aspects of the game that are not under your control. Bad beats are a part of the game. Whenever you lose, rather than dwelling on it, review your game to find out the triggers and identify the ways to deal with them effectively. Overthinking about uncontrollable things can make you lose your confidence and play poorly.

It is completely okay if you feel that your anxiousness is intensifying as the date of the tournament is approaching. It can help you focus on the game and make every move cautiously. But don’t allow your nervousness to take control of your game and cause you to make poor decisions once you sit on the game table. Regardless of how skilled your opponents are and how aggressive they play, stay positive and never let the negative thoughts influence your decision-making ability.

Mindfulness is the key to success in a real cash game. To save yourself from making bad decisions due to a complex situation, you have to do mental preparation before sitting on the game table. As real money is involved, you must know where to focus on and how to avoid distractions. Learn as much as possible about the rules, regulations, tools, playing techniques, strategies, etc, specifically those areas in which you have less knowledge.

The more you learn, the more you earn!

See you at the tables!

Author Bio

Arjanveer Singh

Arjanveer singh is a well-known Chandigarh-based Poker player who is wowing the world of Poker with his incredible talent. He has accumulated huge winnings in several online Poker tournaments.

Arjanveer Singh

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