Tips to Stop Losing Money at Poker

Most of the poker players always think of dreaming big in poker! But sometimes, you sit down at the poker table to play your sessions and despite deploying the best possible strategies, you end up losing all the chips that you have started with.

You will feel that despite doing everything right, you can’t seem to win a hand in poker. If you are tired of losing money in poker, then this blog might help you to break a losing streak and ensure consistent winnings. After all, poker is not all about deploying the best strategies, but it’s also about how you are saving yourself from running out of money in the game – as saving is also a part of earning. Even though you exhibit exceptional poker skills at the table, facing defeat is something that you can’t avoid at tables.

But by taking care of a few things – you can stop losing money at poker. If you have been playing online card games and still losing money, then you are going wrong somewhere.

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Let’s discuss how you can break a losing streak, stop losing money at poker, and gain profitable returns consistently. Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Decide the stakes you can afford & play accordingly: Even though you are a good poker player with exemplary poker skills, you should indulge in those stakes – which you can’t afford. Stakes that are too much for you can hamper your poker strategies and can bring a jolt in your bankroll progress. Avoid emotions to cloud your judgment and utilize poker maths to choose your stakes. Decide the suitable playing range for yourself and proceed accordingly. Additionally, if you have been playing at specific stakes and still losing frequently, it’s an indication that you should lower your stakes.

Make the most of your position: To reap the profits consistently, play keeping in mind your table position. Learn the pros and cons of different positions (early positions, middle positions, and late positions) and how you should devise different strategies from each position. Not taking care of different positions will make you lose a lot of money in the game. So study the different poker positions and sharpen your knowledge by playing free online poker games to break the losing streak.

Avoid limping: Many professional poker players consider limping a nasty habit as it reduces your chances of winning the game and allows your opponents to read you in no time. When playing this game of skill, there are so many strategies that you can deploy to garner success at the poker tables. Similarly, some acts should be avoided at the poker table, and limping is one of them. Limping is calling the big blind amount instead of raising – when the action gets to you.

It is never considered a winning play because it acts as a roadblock in accomplishing your goals – by putting you in tricky spots. When playing live poker games, many players limp in the hope to see more flops and potentially get lucky. But in the long run, limping in poker is always considered a losing play.

Memorize Poker Charts: Knowledge is key to winning in poker as it helps you do rational calculations and devise informed strategies. So if you want to play your hands more accurately and make wise decisions, you have to be wary of each range and hand in poker to make wise decisions. Memorize poker charts to understand the strength of your hand and how you will play them with each range. It will be easier for you to decide whether you should play a particular hand or fold.

Test your learnings on online practice games and train yourself to make informed decisions based on the combination of all important aspects.

Spot some fishes: While some players are always in the hunt to fry some fishes and cash in on some big winnings, some want to compete against sharks to enhance their poker skills. But if you want to ensure consistent winnings, make sure there are fish on the table. Players who hit the poker table intending to win big, swear by this strategy. Many novice players are not aware of this strategy of winning big in poker and are easily targeted by ace poker players.

Many players are categorized as ‘fishes’ as they think that winning in poker depends on luck. They won’t pay much heed in learning the fundamentals of the game. So use this to your advantage and make your winnings bigger. You can also apply this strategy when playing rummy online. If unable to find any fish when playing cash games, switch to another table.

Take Regular Breaks: Grinding yourself at poker tables for hours is good, but you should also know when it’s time to leave the poker table and take a break. To maintain an A-level performance in the long run and ensure that your judgment ability is not clouded by emotions, taking timely breaks is important. If you are mentally tired, it will be difficult for you to think clearly and assess risks and opportunities while in hand. Not only mentally, but it is also physically taxing to concentrate for long hours.

The real problem arrives when tilt occurs – tempting you to revive the money in the new game – that you have lost in the previous session. Be patient and make decisions with a cool mind. The more you play with a cool mind, the stronger you will play a hand all the way through. Even if you play 3 Patti, it is recommended to keep taking breaks, refresh your mind, and come up with the best strategies.

Bottom Line

These are some basic things that you should take care of to stop losing money at poker. Instead of just focussing on learning the fundamentals of the game, analyze where you are going wrong in your strategies to cut down your losses and elevate your winnings in the long run

Bhupendra Chahar
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