Texas Hold’em Poker Tips for Beginners

New to poker and wondering how poker pros bag truckloads of money at the poker tables?

With the advancement of technology and shift of players playing real money games to the online models, the game has earned mass popularity by reaching people’s phones, tablets and PCs. You may find a lot of literature available online as well as offline regarding how to start playing the game of poker but not much is known about how to ace the game and earn maximum reward from the play.

A strong foundation, knowledge of poker rules, positive attitude and game strategies are the main pillars for starting your poker games at the tables but what will get you to the acers lot will be small tips & tricks that are often overlooked by a lot of players.

Adda52- India’s No. 1 poker app has curated a list of top 10 poker tips to help you ace at Texas Hold’em poker like an expert.

Read ahead for these comprehensive tips-

  • Evaluating the value of Hole Cards

The first step towards taking any action at the tables is to assess the value of your hole cards. Hole cards, also regarded as hand cards or private cards are the ones which are only visible to the player. These hand cards are typically used in combination with community cards (cards placed on the table which are visible to all players and can be used commonly by all) in order to construct the strongest possible 5-card hand.

Thus, evaluating the 2 hand-cards correctly and then taking the appropriate action to either fold, call or raise should be taken in order to optimise the odds of winning. This can be done by assessing the hand card values, sequence between them and then recognising the odds of forming a winning combination by using the other community cards.

  • Taking the correct action during Pre-Flop round

As established in the first tip, it is absolutely indispensable to take the correct action at the tables after the distribution of the hole cards. Before the first betting round begins, it is important to assess the sentiments on the table by checking the moves of other players as well as fold/raise to either bluff other players or adopt an aggressive strategy. Analysing your position is almost as important as hand quality. After establishing your position from- early, middle or late position you can choose your play style and take the best possible action.

As an example, if you raise during the pre-flop, people might assess that you have a strong hand and become a little hesitant for their further action.

  • Be Under the Radar

It is essential to maintain a cool head while playing at all times. While keeping your cool and following the basic poker rules, you must also bear in mind that each action you take is being watched closely by all your opponents and thus it goes without saying that making smart moves is pivotal to winning the game. You must never play loosely and always be assertive in every move you make.

Bringing too many eye-balls towards yourself by making flamboyant moves in cash games is never advised.Thus, it is recommended to make strong, calculated yet well-thought out moves while playing.

  • Understanding The Odds is key

This is one of the most ignored yet essential facets in the game of poker. Understanding your odds of winning by appraising your hole cards, opponent moves, table position, betting patterns and table sentiments will help you withhold any probable losses and enhance your prospects of winning. So before becoming too vested in any pot, understanding your odds of winning is key to maintaining a good stance in the game.

  • Focus is pivotal

It is absolutely essential to keep an unwavering focus in the game while playing this real money card game. Keeping a close eye on each action being taken at the table for all poker hands has 2 major benefits- You get to assess the holding of the opponent by their gameplay and you get to learn new strategies during each round. This can help immensely to plan your future moves at the table.

  • Knowing when to fold

As important as it is to know which move should be made at the table, knowing when to fold a hand is equally essential in the game of poker. Mastering the trick to folding at the most appropriate point in the game will prove to be a master stroke in maintaining a good bankroll in the long run.

  • Bankroll Management

Bankroll is the money that you set aside to invest in poker. Managing the funds in the most appropriate way is vital to maintaining a good bankroll. Keeping a close eye on your bankroll will help you determine which games and stakes you should play while limiting your chances of exhausting your available financial resources.

  • Avoid Overestimating Strong Hands

Being confident and playing strong hands with an aggressive approach works well in some situations but may prove risky in others. Often we end up overestimating our strong hands such as Full house and may end up being aggressive in our bets during the game but it may so happen that an opponent might have a flush and you may end up losing miserably. Thus, overestimating the odds of winning is discouraged to maintain a good bankroll.

  • Playing With Caution

Analysing your position in the game among early, middle or last will help you make the most appropriate action at the table. Being wary of opponent moves at the table will help you make your move in accordance with all notable factors while exercising caution.

  • Avoid Chasing Open and Low-end Straights

To enhance your odds of winning, it is suggested to chase high- end straights such as K♦Q♣J♣10♦9♣.  While low-end straights such as 6♥5♥4♣3♥2♠ may seem lucrative, but may end up making you lose a lot of money in case you get aggressive while playing this hand.

So, you should know which hand you should play aggressively and which hand you should be careful.

Now that you are well-versed with some insights and tips followed by poker pros, you are all set to dive right into the work of lucrative rewards and unlimited poker action at India’s No. 1 poker app. Also, enjoy exciting poker bonus offers when you sign up!

So, join the action now!

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