Tournaments: Could You Be Playing Too Tight?

In Tournament vs. Cash Game Strategy, the basic rules and the structures of the game are very much alike. But if the player plays the same strategy in both the games he will not be much profitable. The player has to adapt his own playing style to win the game. A triumphant cash game specialist can become a winner in tournaments but his chances to have a good win rate compared to a skilled tournament player are very less. The strategy of playing tight & aggressive style of poker can be found in many books but if a player plays very tight in a tournament, it can often become a mistake depending on the situation.

Actually, there are fewer differences between tournaments and cash games. This means the player will win or lose on a typical session. The style of playing matters a lot in a cash game. The aggressive players can understand the fluctuations. Generally the technique of playing tight aggressive poker gives license to a player to play poker by putting bets. Poker is a dynamic and fast paced game which contains various levels of bet. But playing as a tight aggressive poker specially the poker games available online should not surpass the limits which can otherwise lead to problem. A tight aggressive poker player is illustrated by various approaches depending on the strategies and rules which are written in the game.

Thus it is being said that a tight player should fold and in most of the cases, the player should flop only when there are chances in the game where the player has good and strong hands. In short, a tight aggressive player is the player who loves to bet and rise and the one who has skilled the art and technique of betting in the game of poker. Tight aggressive playing is basically suggested in those poker games where the players can always make the most excellent utilization of their money. Tight playing helps the player to understand the game clearly.


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