Turkish Rummy – Tips & Strategies

Turkish Rummy (Okey) requires the perfect blend of skill and strategy. It is like Mahjong because here you have to be skillful & have a bit of luck as well. This is a rummy game that takes very little time to learn but is very enjoyable. We suggest that you learn the rules and play a few free games before risking your bankroll.

The game is played by 2-4 players and has 106 colored and numbered tiles. The player’s job is to eliminate the tiles by forming melds; what is even better is that if they can create a hand that has 7 pairs in it. This is a win that will give the most penalty points to the opponents.

Do not go for the seven pairs unless you are dealt something close to it. This is one of the hardest hands to make. It is better to forget the extra points and go for a meld win to accumulate points.

Remain alert in this game. If you forget what has been discarded it could mean your ruin. One of the biggest mistakes a new player makes is not concentrating on the opponents moves. Then they are left sitting holding tiles that are already dead in the discard pile.

Taking risks is a part of the rush. There is a saying in gambling circles that goes like this “a scared man can never make any money” and it is so true. Push the envelope, keep straight face and you may even bluff your way into your first win.

Finally do not bet so generously at the start. Being frugal will pay off in longevity. The less you bet on uncertainties the more of your bankroll stays with you.


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