Types of Poker Tournaments

A tournament is a challenging but highly interesting format of Poker games. Here are the most popular variations of online Poker tournaments:

Rebuy Tournament

In this format, you can rebuy chips to continue playing even if you lose all your chips in-hand. Usually, the re-buy amount is the same as the initial buy-in amount.

There are two types of re-buy tournaments:

  • Limited Rebuy

The player can rebuy only for a limited number of times during the rebuy period.

  • Unlimited Rebuy

The player can re-buy an unlimited number of times during the rebuy period.

Freeze-out Tournament

In this format, you cannot re-buy when you are out of chips. Once you lose all your chips, you are out of the tournament.

Re-Entry Tournament

This format allows you to re-enter the tournament once you get eliminated. If you lose all your in-hand chips during the late registration period, you can register yourself again by paying the buy-in.

Satellite Tournament

Satellites are qualifying tournaments that reward you with entry tickets for various major online or offline tournaments. It provides players the opportunity to participate in big Poker events with massive prize pools without paying their huge buy-in.

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