“Victory Favors The Fearless” – Siddhanth Kapoor

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Winning and losing are fundamental parts of every game and Poker is no different. Regardless of whether you are playing just for fun, to give yourself a mental workout, and to make profits, you have to implement a structured approach to improve your chances of winning. Unlike what some people assume, your success in the game completely depends on your skills and experience. If you want to conquer the table, you have to think beyond the box and find innovative ways to outsmart your opponents.

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There are some pro tips to follow to improve your winning possibilities in Poker

1) Know the game inside out. Spend as much time as possible understanding the basics of the game. To compete with players with varying skills and experience in the highly competitive environment of a real stake Poker table, you must have the knowledge of how to develop and modify strategies according to the situation.

2) To find out the strong and weak spots of your game, you need to evaluate the hands you played and keep track of your wins and losses. Look for the reasons for the mistakes you made on the game table and work on eliminating them to make sure not to repeat them in the future.

4) Play the game based on your understanding of human psychology and pot odds. “Odds” are the likelihood of the occurrence of an outcome. Before making a bet, find out the probability of completing the hand during the betting rounds through analyzing statistics. If the odds are not in your favor, it is advisable to fold your cards to save your maximum chips. Other than learning how to play with each type of hand, you must also have an understanding of when to throw away your cards when you find betting too risky a move. Just because the in-hand cards are your favorite, doesn’t mean that there is no possibility of your opponent holding a better hand than you.

5) Learn to manage negative emotions and tendencies. Whenever you face a complex situation in the game, feelings like nervousness or anger can lead you towards making poor judgment calls and ultimately lose your hand. Patience is the key to success. To prevent yourself from making illogical decisions under the influence of sudden emotions, give yourself time to carefully study the situation and your opponent to find out the best possible solution to the problem.

Remember, the real mantra to maximize your profits in Poker is – Never bet blindly without properly considering the ‘risk vs reward’ factor associated with your action.

Never fear. Never regret. Never surrender.

See you at the tables!

Author Bio

Siddhanth Kapoor

A well-known Bollywood actor, Siddhanth Kapoor is a skilled Poker player who is blowing people’s minds away with his outstanding performances on the felt these days.

  Siddhanth Kapoor

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