What Game of Thrones Teaches Us About Poker

Game of Thrones is one of the biggest hits of the latest years. No wonder. After all, we have not seen such a compelling and complex TV show for a long time if ever. However, you can get a lot out of it not only as a viewer but also as an online poker player. Eight seasons abound in useful tips for life and playing poker, so today we have gathered the five most important lessons that you should apply in your game.

Be Prepared, Winter is Coming

Starks were one of the most powerful families of the saga, still, they found themselves unable to escape from their fate. From the beginning, they faced disasters – Ned’s, Robb’s and Catelyn’s death, Winterfell’s plundering, Arya’s wandering, and Sansa’s dramatic experiences with her spouses. They lost everything, and yet still posed a serious threat to the Iron Throne. How that became possible? Because they always knew that “winter” is going to come one day.

The situation is similar in the case of card games online. The rules of poker are simple and easy-to-understand but to play online with real money against ruthless competitors of different skill-set and experience, you have to consistently work on improving your expertise.

Periods of prosperity and deprivation are not a reality of Game of Thrones characters only. In every part of your life, there are seasonal periods when nothing goes well and you feel like the odds are always against you. Learning how to prepare yourself mentally to deal with adverse situations is crucial to survive and eventually achieve success at the game tables.

Know Your Opponents

Do not start the game until you know who you play against. The analysis of competition is one of the foundations for building a good poker strategy. Be like Varys. Send your “little birds” around the Kingdom.

The more information you can get and observe about your competitors, the easier it is for you to take advantage of their weaknesses and be aware of their strong qualities. Understand how they function, what principles they follow, and how they manage resources. That can be crucial information that will help you get ahead, win, and make real money in poker games.

Analyze The Data

Don’t be like Snow, who knows nothing. Don’t go outside the wall if you have not armed yourself with one of the most powerful weapons – knowledge. Otherwise, you will fall into the hands of the enemies.

If you do not exhibit analytical skills, someone will do it for you and put a sword in your stomach. Therefore, before making any decisions, you must analyze the data that you have accumulated about your opponents.

What is their style of play, whether they are aggressive and when they are most likely to make a mistake? Remember, poker is a mind game, so you must always be focused.

Focus on Your Goals

It is worth taking an example from Margaery Tyrell, and it is not just about extremely elaborate hairstyles and costumes. Focus on the target – this is what the princess and queen teach us. A double widow, living in the “nest of snakes” successfully managed to reach the next checkpoints, which led her straight to the royal crown. The young beauty made everyone think that it’s a coincidence – but we know better. She is one of the most determined and goal-focused characters of the story. Behind the veil of smiles and frivolity lies a vast ambition.

You must have the same approach when playing poker. Be tough and unscrupulous. Once you see the opportunity, seize it, and do not let it go.

Remember The Strength of The Community

Daenerys Targaryen. Khaleesi. Dragon’s mother. The path Daenerys Targaryen overcame on her way to the Iron Throne is impressive. We met her as a naive, enslaved by her elder brother in the exile. However, Daenerys began to change and gradually increased her position and area of power.

From Daenerys, poker players can learn how to exchange feedback with other players and continuously learn. Of course, when you play, you have to be ruthless, but when the moment of reflection and relaxation comes, strong relationships with other players will help you analyze and acquire new skills.


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