What Poker Players Can Learn From John Wick

First of all, to relate a movie to something, you need to watch it first. However, in this article, we will try to explain everything in a simple way so that you can understand our point even if you have not seen the movie yet. 

John Wick – the action packed movie starring Keanu Reeves- is about a retired assassin who comes out of retirement when the bad guy kills his dog and steals his Ford Mustang.  

John Wick can be seen as a widely entertaining edge-of-the-seat thriller. It has enjoyed an overwhelming success which has led to a franchise of its own. We have seen 3 films coming through with the franchise.

If you like action movies, you will love this movie! And if you like Poker games, you should love this movie!

Baba Yaga is much more than just a character, there are so many layers to him. It might sound weird, but as a Poker player, you can learn a lot of things from him (not the stunts and acrobats, obviously!). But there are some great strategy lessons to implement when you play Poker online or offline.

So, what this badass character teaches us about Poker? What traits you can learn from John Wick that you can incorporate within the game?

  1. Absorb pressure:- John Wick faces pressure situations all the time. But he knows how important it is to maintain his cool to find a way to get out of those situations. The same rule applies in Poker as well. Sometimes there’s too much on the line at the tables. People might feel pressured against the aggressive player and commit silly mistakes. One bad move and it becomes a loss, sometimes a gigantic one. It is important to learn how to control emotions in adverse situations to ensure giving your 100% in the game.
  1. Look for alternative strategies:- It’s not easy to survive in an assassin community. In the 3rd movie, after killing Santino D’Antonio at the continental grounds, Wick is declared ‘excommunicado’ and a bounty of $14 Million is put on his head. Every single assassin is coming after him and he has to find the best way to save his life. Although the odds are against his favor, he never stops trying. Similarly, in Poker, you can’t rely on one strategy all the time to outsmart your opponent. There are no Marcus or Bowery King to help you all the time in real life. You need to learn how to quickly assess the situation and make the best possible move to deal with it effectively.
  1. Don’t get influenced by bad times:- There are so many moments where John Wick gets outsmarted, gets beaten down, and you feel like he’s done and dusted. But he fights back, comes through his opposition and survives at the end of the day. The same situation might arise in Poker as well. You might lose time and again but it’s important to let go of the past and focus on the present. Instead of exhibiting anger or frustration when you face bad beats or downswings, review and analyse your game to find out the mistakes you made at the table. If your losses are affecting your gameplay negatively, take a short break from the tables. Give yourself time to gain proper control on your negative emotions in order to ensure taking rational decisions and maintain the quality of your game.
  1. Don’t go easy on opposition:- There are times when we feel like the opposition has no chance against this badass assassin. But he never loses the hold of himself and treats his every opposition similarly. His intensity doesn’t go down.  In Poker, you might see moments when you’ll face a newbie and you might see it as a confirmed win but don’t ever go easy on any opponent, no matter how easy it is to beat him.
  1. Code of Conduct: Regardless of whether you play offline or online Poker, there must always be mutual respect among the players. In the world of John Wick, every person has etiquette and a sense of honor. Similarly, at a Poker table, there are some unwritten guidelines which every player must follow. Also pay attention to the basic Texas Holdem Poker rules and etiquette such as making your move within the designated time limit, not using foul language, and never getting involved in any type of malpractices like chip dumping or collusion.  

John Wick is back in the game! But there is a reason behind it. There’s always a reason behind everything that John Wick does, every step, and every decision of his is meant for something. In Poker as well, you can’t go through your strategies without backing it up with strong reasons. Your decision at the table must always be based on pot odds, your chip stack, table position, and your understanding of opponent’s skills and game knowledge. You must have a valid reason to take a particular risk. Failure to do so mostly have dire consequences.

Suffice to say that Poker is much more than just a game, it’s larger than life. Just like John Wick, Poker also goes through various phases, the ups and downs. If you employ patience, focus, adaptability, fearlessness, and money management skills in the game, we assure you that the victory, at the end of the day, will be all yours!


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