When is The Best Time to Take a Break From The Poker Tables

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July 3rd, 2019 16:47

Poker is a highly entertaining game, and many people swear by it. It has a worldwide reach and millions of players engage in Poker tournaments and cash games yearly. Some play it professionally, while some play it for recreation. Nonetheless, it offers a perfect balance of entertainment and challenge. It also benefits you financially and makes you want to play more. However, sometimes Poker can get exasperating and do more harm than good. It is necessary to keep a check and know when to draw the line. It doesn’t matter if you play Texas hold ’em Poker, Omaha, Hold’em ++, or Crazy Pineapple, any variant of the game can take a toll on you if not monitored efficiently. Therefore, taking a break from the Poker table can be a life-changing decision. You must certainly step away from the table if the following situations arise:

If it starts affecting your mental health-

As you become more invested in Poker, naturally your mental health starts getting affected. If you feel angry, nervous, or upset after losing, it’s time to take a break from the tables temporarily. In order to prevent yourself from losing your precious chips due to ‘tilt’, a short-term break is necessary. This break can help you return to the table with a bang and make you feel refreshed.

When you start playing irresponsibly-

One must learn how to create a balance between responsible gaming and getting addicted. If you have started spending in the game more than what you can afford to risk, it is advisable to take a break straight away. Excessive gaming may also prevent you from thinking straight which will result in losses. Therefore, it is crucial to set a limit to the money and time to spend on gaming.

If you start losing interest-

Losing interest can be really damaging for a Poker player. As when you start losing interest in Poker, your game gets affected severely. It does not matter which Poker strategy you use, as long as your head is not in the right place. This is why a break from the Poker table is recommended for bringing back your interest. However, one must ensure that they do not indulge in anything related to Poker during the break. Try cutting it off completely for that duration so your mind does not wander anywhere near Poker.

When you are on a bad streak-

When you start going on a bad streak, take out time to reflect on your Poker strategy. Take a break and find out the root which is causing it. Stepping back once in a while helps a lot and can also enhance your future games. Evaluation of the cause of the problem and steps are taken to prevent it plays a significant role. You need a break to do all this. In the meanwhile, one can learn a trick or two and read about ways to sharpen their skills. The worst thing will be to continue playing despite a bad streak, as it may leave you broke as well. Hence, spend some away time and correct your mistakes to bounce back.

When you face big monetary losses-

Poker has several benefits but it is also risky in terms of money. A lot of players have lost a hefty amount in Poker tournaments, some have even gone broke. When you start facing monetary losses that start to impact your mental and financial condition, just step back. A break will be useful for your bankroll and you can thus save whatever is left. It will be especially beneficial when you are encounter downswings. Do not make the mistake of playing constantly to win back the lost money. Chasing losses can be resulted in losing a higher amount than the original loss as the negative emotions like frustration and anxiety limit your ability to think rationally and take logical decisions.

In conclusion, try to understand that taking a break does not mean losing out on things. It will only enhance your game as well as your mental health. Most importantly, the approach you take after coming back from the break matters. Therefore, take a break to freshen your mind so you may get back in the game better than before.

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