Where to Eat Post Midnight in Vegas?

Do you know New York is officially known to be ‘the city that never sleeps’? But universally Las Vegas correlates to this fact. Somebody has rightly said, “Everything and anything you want to do, you can do in Las Vegas.” If anytime you are done with clubbing, gambling & partying, and feel like filling your belly late night, don’t eat your heart out. There are awesome American restaurants, fabulous French eateries, sensational Spanish tapas joints and even an amazing Asian grill that are truly great places to take care of your late night cravings in Vegas.

  • Peppermill – Before Las Vegas became the spectacle that it is today this spot was making people happy with late night drinks and a place to have a nightcap. This late-night venue has been featured in films like Casino, Showgirls, and CSI Las Vegas. It has also won numerous awards, including “Best Cocktail Waitress” by Las Vegas Magazine, “Best Exotic Drinks” and “Most Romantic Bar” by Menu Magazine. When you walk in to the Peppermill, let the atmosphere sink in and you’ll feel the magic of the Peppermill – or say genuine Las Vegas. It is like an old-school Las Vegas with the waitresses all dressed nice in long evening gowns. This round the clock restaurant serves lavishly portioned food with options ranging from nachos and omelets to BBQ pork ribs and chicken quesadilla. When on the lookout for the vintage Vegas feel, then The Peppermill can be found 24X7 near the Riviera on The Strip. If going in winters, find a comfortable seat at its Fireside Lodge- near the fire pit, order a drink and take it all in.
  • Five50 Pizza Bar – When you walk into Five50 Pizza Bar at Aria Las Vegas you should expect to have some perfect food because Shawn McClain is in charge. Shawn McClain of Sage at ARIA is a James Beard Award-Winning Chef and to test his talent try some appetizers at Sage. You may have mixed feelings at Five50 Pizza Bar, and may wonder what the fuss is all about. It is not like other typical pizza joints. You might try the pizza and not be blown away. You might see a few of the appetizers and try to figure out what exactly it is that is happening at a pizza place. With talented chef in charge, a pizza that does not adhere to the rules. What you get at Five50 Pizza Bar is combination of a few styles that incorporates higher heat but not crazy heat and a little char to add flavor but no so much as to be an issue. Backing off the thick but adding to the thin you end up with a pizza that falls in between so much so that it feels new. If you love thin, crunchy pizza you might be satisfied and if you love deep dish you’ll be disappointed. However, if you can appreciate pizza and you can appreciate the Napoli style and the East Coast details along with the west coast ingredients you might be thinking about coming back over and over again.
  • Du-Par’s – If you’re in downtown Las Vegas, Du-Par’s is the place to go for round the clock tidbits. This quaint diner-like restaurant is undercarriage, but offers tasty American cuisine and luscious pancakes. Well-known for its creamy pancakes, Du-Par make the perfect eat to end your late night bar hop. You will definitely be carried away again at this eating joint because of the attractive texture of the pancakes, dripping with butter and lots of syrup. If you find yourself down on Fremont Street late at night, Du-par’s is practically a must. breakfast is also a win at this restaurant inside the Golden Gate. Delightfully Fluffy Omelets live up to their name and come with crisp hash browns and liberally buttered toast. For your information, Du-Par has been titled the “Best Pancakes in America” by Esquire Magazine, “Best Pie in Las Vegas by Las Vegas Weekly Magazine, and named among the “Top Five 24-hour Diners in Las Vegas”
  • Citizens – Located at Mandalay Bay, Citizens follow a motto – “Real Food. Real People”as they understand the simple pleasure of comfort food. It is a comfortable place to have some comfort food that has been reworked to make us feel better about going simple with our meal. This 24 hour café is the norm in Las Vegas and has changed the formula by taking American food and adding a bit of flash. Not like a fine dining date night location, this spot is a place that not follows the formality of what dining has become today. Everything here is easy, casual and without pretense. The way the food is described in Menu and the way it is presented is quite amazing. You will find fancy names for the same old dishes, but you really do get what you want. You want meatballs, you get meat balls! It is the type of food that you might make at home but you would not make nearly as well. Citizens Las Vegas fills that void on vacation when you are searching for some thing familiar and easy.
  • Sugar Factory – If you are looking for an anticipated sugar rush, look no further than Sugar Factory Brasserie. Sugar Factory is a sweet sugary happy place that will please your sweet tooth at anytime of the day and night. This round-the-clock American concept Brasserie offers sweet and savory bites until the wee hours of the morning to anyone. This retail candy store is a full-service; sit down restaurant, complete with chocolate lounge and a dining room that opens out to the Las Vegas Strip. It is a place where you can feel like heaven as the aroma of chocolate fills the dining area and your seat on the patio gives you a panoramic view of the Las Vegas strip. With over 250 items on the menu, highlights from the late-night menu include crispy fried chicken, fried macaroni, red velvet pancakes and buttermilk waffles — the perfect food after a long night of partying.

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