Which Avenger are you on a poker table?

The third Avenger movie is finally here and everybody is eager to witness the ultimate epic showdown. Avengers are one of the most popular comic-book superheroes who fight together to defend the universe from various evils. Avengers team members are more relatable than any other superhero as they have number of personality traits in common with masses. Like people in the real world, they have anger issues, courage, curiosity, intelligence, etc which they utilize to fight to achieve their ultimate goal – Success.

Even in poker, you can spot players who own some unique type of personality attributes which they use as a weapon to beat other players and win the game. Here we are complied a list of characteristics of every member of the Avengers team with which you can compare your opponents as well as yourself and find out which Avenger team member are you-

Iron Man

Well, besides being “genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist”, Tony Stark is cool, witty, and extremely intelligent. These type of players are of complicated personality who always demand attention. The futurists who have the ability to quickly weigh the situation and do whatever they feel right, regardless of what other players think or say about it. Be ready to take some extremely witty one-liner comments if you are playing against such type of opponents.

Captain America

With “never-give-up” attitude and outstanding courage, they are the most experienced and serious players on the table. They are the master of strategic planning but their honesty and integrity make them old-fashioned and kind of an outsider in the today’s world of ruthless competition. They are the men of their words and believe in always doing the right thing. Never try to make sarcastic remarks about them as they don’t like bullies. Their experience helps them a lot to take the bold but best decisions on the table.


One of the most competent players on the table. They can easily connect with every other player but still act as a superior and more worthy than the others. They never want to disrespect anyone but their self-obsession and stubbornness inadvertently make them look down at others who haven’t accomplished as many achievements as them. The best quality of such players is they learn from their mistakes quickly and understand the importance of not letting their ego and arrogance control your game.

Hulk/Bruce Banner

The most generous, most awkward, and the most dangerous player on the table. These type of players are of reserved nature who take time to open up but once they come out of their personal space, they can be your best poker table buddy. But stay alert and don’t do anything to piss them off as I guarantee you would not like to face their angry “green” avatar. These players avoid confrontation but become highly aggressive when provoked.

Black Widow

The manipulative and the most deceptive player on the table. The immensely charming and innocent looking players who know how to take someone deepest secrets out and use them to turn the odds in their favor. These players interact with everyone on the table to get the information about their strengths and weak spots and gain control of the game.


A newbie who is curious and passionate to learn the game but is not confident about his skills and knowledge. These players require a good mentor who can inspire them and help them explore their potential. These players are usually in their learning phase and try to copy each and every gaming strategy of their mentors. They are not ready for big games yet and currently present on the table just to learn the fundamentals of the game.


Okay, this is an exception. He is not a part of the Avengers but still, we believe this infamous super-villain deserves a place on this list as he is one of the most commonly found players on a poker table. These type of players are mischievous who cannot be trusted and carries the reputation of being the most mysterious player on the table. They are cunning and can go to any limits to achieve their desired goal. They craved for acceptance and want to be recognized and appreciated for their qualities and extraordinary achievements.


The most dangerous player who challenges everyone on the table and threaten them on their faces that he will make every player wipe out from the table. These type of players know how to make everyone nervous and anxious enough to make wrong decisions and kill their game with their own hands. These “larger-than-life” players are merciless who prey on others’ insecurities and fear. They sacrifice small bets to lure opponents to enter the pot with their maximum stakes and ultimately bust them out -with a snap of their fingers.


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