Why is it Better to Play Poker Tournaments Online Than Offline

Poker is a wonderful traditional card game that has been around the world for years and still managed to sustain in this competitive scenario. After it ventured into the online space, more and more players started playing this mind sport with full steam. Poker enthusiasts who used to enjoy real-money earning games in casinos and compete with different types of players are now competing with online players in real-time – without worrying about external factors related to time, traveling, and money.

Players who were earlier afraid of the costs associated with international trips to prestigious tournaments and festivals are now leveraging the same benefits in the online arena. It won’t be wrong to say that online poker platforms have provided myriads of opportunities to the players in terms of gameplay, cash rewards, and thrill on the go.

Numerous online platforms offer varying tournaments, missions, and series every day. Right from the new formats to variants, poker admirers can play any version with ease as per their preference.

Go through the below-mentioned points to understand the benefits of playing poker tournaments online than in a casino.

  • Participate in Big Tourneys at Home & Earn Big: Online poker tournaments allow you to sit at home, take part in the prestigious tournaments, and cherish the thrill and still earn big! You can choose the tournament as per your comfort and budget, and get a chance to interact with different players around the world. The best part is you can start and stop playing if there is an urgent task which you can’t avoid – without feeling guilty or ashamed.
  • Multiple Offerings: Playing poker means you are exposed to a variety of options. There are several types of games and formats to cater to the requirement of everyone. There are so many tournament types which you can cherish online such as sit & go tournaments, freezeout tournament, rebuy tournament, satellite tournament, turbo and hyper-turbo tournaments, and so on. Decide the type of tournaments you want to play and enroll yourself on time to not miss out on the thrill!
  • Real-Life Skills: Playing online strategy games like poker is an effective mental workout that improves memory, concentration, reasoning, and decision-making abilities. As you learn to assess and interpret different situations using a rational approach, you eventually develop a more logical approach to solve day-to-day problems. You learn the art of making smart and quick decisions while bearing pressure. Playing poker online means you can participate in more tournaments (as compared to live poker scenarios), play more hands, and make better profits.

As you can enroll yourself in more online tournaments, you become better in decision making, observing, getting the right instincts, and patience. In an online platform, the action runs 24×7. No matter at what hour of the day you want to play poker, you will surely find a game or a tournament. As per your schedule and convenience, you can enjoy the poker action.

  • No traveling, accommodation, and tipping: In addition to round-the-clock poker action, online poker gives you the flexibility in playing. You want to play poker while preparing something in your kitchen, go ahead! You want to play poker sitting on your favorite couch at the favorite corner of your room, go ahead.

No need to visit the nearest casinos, fly to another country/state to participate in the prestigious tournaments, and spend your money on unnecessary travel, accommodation, and tips. No dealers to tip, no need to bear the burden of finding budget-friendly accommodations. Play on your mobile/laptop while eating and drinking whatever you want – saving money by eliminating the extra costs.

  • Low Rake: The best part about online poker games is that the rake factor is low as compared to the live casino. Leading websites have reasonable rake policies through which they justify how much rake they are charging from each hand of poker.
  • Huge benefits: Many poker rooms serve players with free food to keep players hooked and ensure they are having a good time. But they will not give the lucrative bonuses and rewards – the way leading online platforms do. India’s best online poker platform – Adda52 is popular for offering huge benefits and offers to its players.

The benefits include – generous welcome package, poker deposit offers, free tourney tickets and rewards, entries to exclusive tournaments, the facility of playing with your buddies online, and so on. In addition to this, further benefits like loyalty points are there to increase your winnings and give you a better profitable hand.

  • Freeroll Tournaments: Not all casinos or poker rooms will allow you to play poker tournaments for free. But on an online platform, you can easily find freeroll poker tournaments. You can participate in those tournaments without giving any entry charges and play for free. It is a great advantage especially for those who want to learn how to play in the tournaments. Get the hang of the game by participating in freeroll tournaments and compete with talented players for huge cash prizes.
  • No Physical Tells, No Disadvantage: We have often heard about the term – poker face. A poker face is an act to ensure that you are not dropping any hints to your opponents about your hand strength, your strategies, or your emotions. When playing in a live casino, you should never let the emotions appear on your face otherwise your opponents might get an edge.

If any shark reads you based on how you move and act, he/she will devise the best strategies to throw you out of the game. When you play online poker, there are no physical tells. This means you are safe from your opponents’ scrutiny.

  • Players from all over the world: Online poker gives you a chance to engage with players from different parts of the world and have the best time of your life. It’s quite exciting and thrilling to be involved in a heated heads-up match against a player sitting in a different part of the world. You will learn poker strategies, thinking patterns, and level up your game by leveraging such valuable information.

To have a thrilling poker session, start playing at Adda52 and make your winnings bigger and better. Participate in the daily leaderboards and tournaments to shower your bankroll with big winnings!

Bhupendra Chahar
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