World Series of Poker

The World Series of Poker is like a sister of the World Poker Tour. These tournaments have both become high tech marvels and television sensations. With the glass tables, pocket cameras that allow the home viewer to see what the players are holding this game has been getting a big share of the ratings each season. There are things you can learn simply by watching the game.

One of the first things you learn is the rules of the games. You begin to pick these up very quickly just by observing the game play. You also learn how to make strategies. Watching the great players you see how they capitalize on the mistakes of others and all the while maximizing the potential of the hole cards. If you are paying attention you can just about figure what each player needs to win the hand. The set up also gives the home viewer the percentages for the chances of winning each player has; this helps you to correctly decipher what cards are needed.

You will see players with different poker strategies and can figure out what strategy would work best for you. Some players are talkative and others are silent. Poker is no longer a game played by the rich but the average Joe can get a buy-in together and play against the pros.

A lot of players form leagues in their home towns and they play mock tournaments all year and the person with the highest percentages of wins is sent to the tournament.


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